Homesick? Tips to feel better!

Feeling Homesick? Top 10 Tips to feeling better…

  1. Do not stay in your room, go out with a friend for coffee or a movie
  2. If you have not met anyone yet, call your counselor and ask her to connect you with another au pair
  3. Talk to an au pair who has been here for a while and understands what the first few weeks are like
  4. Talk to your host family about how you feel, join in family activities and focus on getting to know your new family
  5. Go to the gym or work out, exercise is a natural stimulant and will make you feel better
  6. Remind yourself that it is normal to feel homesick on and off throughout the year
  7. Being homesick shows your love for your own family and country but learning to love your new life is okay too
  8. Check in with people at home who will support you, make you laugh and remind you why you wanted to do this
  9. Go to the next cluster meeting and meet other au pairs
  10. Make a list of all the things you dreamed of doing during your year as an au pair…and get started doing them!

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