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Brazilian Au Pair Shares Her Culture with Kindegarten Students

WIN_20140516_141411 (2)Susette Araujo Sousa from Brazil visited Minnesauke Elementary School to share her culture with her host child’s Kindergarten class.  Mrs. Sheridan welcomed her and the students were excited to listen and learn!

WIN_20140516_141511 (2)Susette showed off the Brazilian flag colors and explained their meanings.  Green for the earth, gold for the minerals and blue for the sky!

She talked about Brazil’s pride in the World Cup and lots of the students talked about playing soccer!

brigaderosThe children loved the brigadeiros that Susette brought to share!

WIN_20140516_142504 (2)

Monika’s Poem Read at Graduation!

10291045_10203906619934703_5100655762279433533_n (2)The one poem read at the Suffolk County Community College ESL graduation ceremony was by Au Pair Monika Vuic from Croatia.  Monika is the au pair for a family in Mt. Sinai.

Way to go Monika!

Time Keeps Flowing

Time keeps flowing

Years have passed,

But what matters

Is in our hearts.

It doesn’t matter

How old we are:

Achieving our goals

Will get us far.

Let’s mark our lives

Fulfilling our dreams,

Achieving our goals

Will get us far.

Let’s mark our lives

Fulfilling our dreams,

Loving nature and feeling its streams.

Always remember and never forget

We’ve come this far

And we’re not done yet!

A beautiful future awaits

Because we are in front of open gates.

Time keeps flowing,

Years will pass

But what matters

Is in our hearts

By Monika Vuic

Au Pairs Graduate from ESL Program at Suffolk County Community College

WIN_20140516_191101WIN_20140516_205413 (2)Suffolk County Community College has an excellent ESL program for adult students.  Many Au Pair in America au pairs choose SCCC for their required college classes.  Since there are 5 levels of English classes to graduate from the ESL program, often au pairs will extend for a second year because they want to complete the 5 levels.

WIN_20140516_205130WIN_20140516_205847SCCC held ESL graduation on Friday, May 16th at 7 PM at the Van Nostrand Auditorium on the Grant or Western Campus of the college. The ceremony was very moving with several graduates telling stories about their journey to the USA and why they came.  The au pairs all dressed up, many host families came to watch their au pairs graduate.  This Spring 10 Suffolk County Au Pair in America Au Pairs graduated from the ESL program.  Congratulations to Adele Mosquero, Priscilla Rodrigues, Nikoleta Todtova, Victoria Morales, Anais Nivon, Monika Vuic, Ramona Etzel, Linyan Feng, Natalia Jaramillo, and Andressa Mendonca. As their Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba was happy to attend the ceremony and congratulated each individually with a rose.

The State Department requires each au pair attend an accredited College or University for 6 credits or 72 hours of post secondary education for each year in the USA.  Host families contribute $500 towards this education requirement.  One semester of ESL satisfies the requirement, but many au pairs attend for several semesters.  Au Pairs can stay for 2 years in America.

APIA Counselors are the Best Trained!

WIN_20140508_135450Au Pair in America Community Counselors, Stamford & London Offices and our Foreign Partners gathered in Chicago May 7 – 10 for our Conference.  We were led by Ruth Ferry, executive director and senior VP of APIA USA and Linda James, senior VP APIA UK.  They inspired and led the group, along with William Gertz, President and CEO of APIA.

WIN_20140508_103609 (2)We learned about new systems and innovations, managing situations that arise, cultural communication and so much more.  Connections through out the group were fostered and understanding increased.

We stayed at the Drake Hotel, a beautiful art deco hotel right on Lake Michigan.  Our gala the last night was a big hit and everyone dressed as flappers or gangsters!

IMG_20140509_193245Selecting Au Pair in America for your childcare needs will allow you to have the best supported Community Counselor, staff and foreign interviewers.  We have ongoing training throughout the year with webinars on many topics.  There is always someone available to help a family or au pair when needed!

The State Department sent representatives to participate in the conference.  APIA is determined to abide by all regulations and considers the partnership with the State Department key to our success since 1986!

2nd Graders Visit With German Au Pair

DSCN0989German Au Pair, Justine Probst visited her host child’s 2nd grade classroom to talk about her country with the students.

She showed the students a traditional dirndl dress she made for October fest.  She said she wore it to Octoberfest here with her host family!

She engaged the students by asking them questions about Germany.  Many knew it is in Europe.  Justine showed them where on the world map.DSCN0997

DSCN0992She brought a German flag and some of the children knew the colors before she even showed it to them!

She brought some euros and explained that most of Europe uses euros for money.  The children all got a chance to see and touch the money.

They learned some words in German and even sang the song “Happy Birthday” in German!  Justine kept the children interested and they were engaged in her lesson.

Au Pairs from Au Pair in America are encouraged to share their culture with American students through a program called Global Awareness.

Au Pair in America au pairs not only provide childcare but are also active in their local communities. Global Awareness, a unique volunteer program sponsored by Au Pair in America, is designed to foster a greater knowledge of the diversity and variety of cultures the world has to offer.

Au pairs go into elementary school classrooms, libraries, local bookstores, cub scout and brownie groups and other areas of interest to children to share their culture. One teacher recently said “60 kids will go home today knowing more about the world than when they first arrived at school this morning”.

The au pairs present a wide variety of topics and all the presentations are interactive and fun for the children!