Daylight Savings Time Ends on November 2nd!

If you’re a fan of sleep you’re probably a fan of November 2nd, that’s the day when most of us get to set our clocks back one hour at 2:00am and revel in the end of daylight savings time 2013 which brings with it an extra hour of sleep.daylight savings time ends 

Daylight savings time was originally enacted to cut down on energy consumption during World War I and World War II, it was believed that tacking an extra hour of daylight to the end of the day would lead to less overall electricity use at night and while the practice worked for a short period of time it eventually led to studies that both supported and debunked the theory all together, leaving many people to wonder why the practice is used at all in today’s modern age. In the meantime daylight savings time leaves some people coming into work an hour before normal and kids arriving at school before the doors have even been unlocked.

So remember before you go to bed on November 3rd to set your clocks back one hour if they don’t it automatically for you!

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