Things to do INSIDE on a COLD Day!

WIN_20141214_155042You have your day off, it is too cold to do anything outside, even NYC is too cold to visit.

Here are 10 things you can do alone or with your friends:

  1. Play a card or board game with your au pair friends this weekend (not just for kids)
  2. Read a book – If you do not have a library card yet, go get one!
  3. Movie marathon – find your favorite movie through Net Flix, your HF DVD collection, or from the library.
  4. Have a clothing swap with your au pair friends!
  5. Find a new look by playing around with your makeup and hair!
  6. Make a wall collage of your pictures from home and one of your time here in USA!
  7. Cook, bake, make a dish from home and share it with your host family and/or au pair friends!
  8. Exercise at the gym or at home.
  9. Meet your au pair friends at the mall or for coffee.
  10. Skype with friends and family back home!

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