Au Pair Holiday Party 2015!

This past Sunday, December 13th the Suffolk Cluster of Au Pair in America enjoyed a holiday party at Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba’s home.  There was an International Feast with dishes prepared by au pairs from all over the world.  20151213_154746_resized (1) 20151213_154650_resized 20151213_154757_resized 20151213_155554_resized 20151213_155547_resizedWe played a little game and the au pairs won some prizes.  A grab bag gift exchange and then Cindy played Santa and gave out gifts to each au pair!20151213_153124_resized20151213_163548_resized20151213_163553_resized20151213_163844_resized20151213_163751_resized20151213_163728_resized20151213_163755_resized20151213_163912_resized20151213_163855_resized


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