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Au Pairs learn Water & Summer Safety

The Suffolk County Au Pair in America cluster of Au Pairs gathered at Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba’s home to learn about Water & Summer Safety.

Every quarter the au pairs learn safety or childcare.  This time it was about being safe with their host children around water.  The main conversation was about preventing drowning.  Living on Long Island, every au pair will be at the beach or a pool this summer.  Learning to swim is the first step in water safety.  Most of the au pairs in the group are experienced swimmers.

Au pairs also learned about identifying poison ivy, how to avoid it and what to do if their host child or they come in contact with it or develop the rash.  We discussed ticks and the diseases they carry.  Using sunscreen, when to apply, how to avoid sunburn and ways to treat it were also covered. 

We celebrated the au pairs who are nearing the end of their year.  They earned education certificates for completing the education requirement of the program.

2 German Au Pairs also earned Global Awareness certificates for teaching lessons on their country in their host children’s classrooms.  They both volunteered regularly during their year and were awarded with volunteer certificates.  Vanessa volunteered in her host child’s classroom teaching German board games at lunch time.  Kristina volunteered in a local animal shelter.

After lessons and awards, each au pair shared something about themselves, including their plans for when they return home.  Cindy served local strawberries since it is strawberry season here on the North Fork of Long Island.  The au pairs loved the strawberries and cream shortcake.

They had fun on the beach and visiting with each other on the beautiful sunny Sunday.

Au Pair Orientation

Some Au Pair in America Au Pairs at Orientation

Some Au Pair in America Au Pairs at Orientation


Au Pair Orientation is an important part of the Au Pair in America program.  Every one of our au pairs goes directly to Orientation when she arrives to the USA before she travels to her host family.

We have trainers who have developed the leading au pair training program in the USA.  The program includes an Intro to the United States for the Au Pair, Cultural Adaptation, Child Care Training, American Red Cross Safety Workshop, Communication Techniques, Discipline and Management of Children.

Au Pairs stay in a beautiful hotel and can take an optional NYC Bus tour.  The trainer, the logistics coordinator and a Community Counselor are all present throughout the Orientation to assist each au pair so she makes a smooth transition to her host family.

New Au Pair Nathalia from Brazil and her Community Counselor Cindy Garruba

New Au Pair Nathalia from Brazil and her Community Counselor Cindy Garruba

The final day is one of nervous excitement as the au pairs prepare to leave the comfort of the hotel and go out all over the USA to join their host families!  Au Pair in America is dedicated to preparing these wonderful young women for their important responsibilities and for cultural exchange.  Orientation is a wonderful experience for the au pairs, but the best experience is their year with their host families.