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Water & Summer Safety Cluster Meeting

IMG_20150614_140727On Sunday, July 14th Long Island Au Pairs gathered at Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba’s beach house for the annual Water & Summer Safety Meeting.  Safe tips on watching children and themselves at pools and the beach was discussed.  Also covered was preventing sunburn by using sunscreen, avoiding high sun times of day and proper clothing.  They au pairs learned how to recognize poison ivy, preventing exposure, what to do if exposed and the care for the rash.  Cindy explained Lyme disease, the difference between a deer and dog tick, the bull’s eye rash, care and treatment.IMG_20150614_145021 (1)

The au pairs enjoyed time on the beach, each other’s company and even had a yoga class.IMG_20150614_152433







We said good byes to au pairs who are heading home soon, and welcomed new au pairs! IMG_20150614_165034









Everyone enjoyed an all American dessert in celebration of Flag Day, June 14th!  Strawberries and blueberries fresh from the farm stand, whipped cream and pastry shells!  Yummy!



Flag Day Contest for Au Pairs

Flag Day 2013 winner Sabine from AustriaMeet Your Global Neighbor

Today, June 14th is Flag Day

Today, June 14 is Flag Day, a day Americans honor their flag and celebrate their patriotism.  285647_10150941448802071_824707070_9869774_994026417_n

The picture was taken by Kate Stroemel, au pair from Germany, at the June Summer & Water Safety Meeting held at the summer home of  Cindy Garruba, Suffolk County Senior Community Counselor for Au Pair in America.

In honor of Flag Day, Global Awareness sponsored a Flag Day Contest in which au pairs were asked to submit their creative interpretations of their flags.  The photos and descriptions are posted on the GA website www.globalawareness.com.  Please take a peek-you’ll see cultural exchange in action.

To find out more about the history of Flag Day and what it means go to http://www.usflag.org/flag.day.html