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May Happenings for Suffolk Au Pair in America

Au Pairs from our cluster enjoying a social evening of pizza and fellowship at West Meadow Beach in Stony Brook this May.  We enjoyed a beautiful evening with a perfect sunset on the Long Island Sound.  Community Counselor Cindy Garruba brought pizza and water bottles, au pairs shared stories about who they are, vacations taken and planned.  It was a wonderful time for all.

On Friday, May 17th Cindy attended the English as a Second Language Graduation from Suffolk County Community College for 3 special au pairs.  Host families and friends attended, too, to congratulate them.

Noon from Thailand, Larissa from Brazil and Vanessa from Panama


Suffolk County Community College and Au Pair in America


            Suffolk County Community College is an important resource for the Suffolk Cluster of Au Pair in America. 

20160115_203456_resizedOn Friday evening Cindy Garruba and Kristi Halpern, two Community Counselors for Au Pair in America, attended the Suffolk County Community College ESL Graduation.  SCCC has a wonderful ESL program that has a multi-level program.  If a student passes all the levels, they are awarded with a certificate and an inspiring ceremony.  Twice a year SCCC ESL program holds this ceremony, in January and in May.  Each time, several au pairs graduate from the program.

20160115_200641_resized 20160115_201602_HDR_resizedEvery au pair is required to earn 6 credits or 72 – 80 hours at the college level.  Host families contribute toward their education financially and support their attendance through scheduled time off and transportation to school.  One semester of ESL at SCCC satisfies this requirement and the au pairs learn so much.  The school has dedicated teachers, many options for classes and three campuses in Suffolk County.

Graduating this semester were Andresa Costa, Dayanna Davilla, and Caroline Martineli dos Santos.  Several of their au pair friends joined Cindy and Kristi in the audience to cheer on their fellow au pairs!  Many of the au pairs are signed up to start classes this month at SCCC.

 Basket Ball Game at SCCC20160117_134456_resized

On Sunday, Cindy’s cluster attended a Boy’s Basketball game at SCCC on the Selden Campus.  The team played LaGuardia college and everyone enjoyed cheering on Suffolk’s team.  Kevin Foley, the Athletic Director of Suffolk County Community College noticed our lively group and stopped by to sit with us in the stands.  At half time, he invited us into the Alumni Room and gave each au pair a SCCC Athletic T-shirt.  The game was close but SCCC won and everyone was very excited.  As we excited the gym, the first few snowflakes of the season were falling.  Some of the au pairs had never experienced snow and that was a thrill, too.

Kevin Foley, Athletic Director of SCCC with the APIA Au Pairs

Kevin Foley, Athletic Director of SCCC with the APIA Au Pairs