Government shutdown and how it affects the au pair program

The Social Security office!  Yes, this is where the au pair programs are getting affected.

During the government shut down, the Social Security office is not accepting any new applications for social security numbers. Our au pairs all have their legal documents– J-1 visa, I-94 and DS2019 that permit them to legally work in our country, however they must bring these documents to the SS office and apply for their official and original social security card.

Then…they need their SS cards to apply for a PA driver’s license. Until the government reopens, everything is at a stand still. If you have your au pair driving, please be very clear of your insurance provider’s requiremnts in order to cover her as a driver. If they will only allow licensed CA drivers, she cannot drive until the government comes to an agreement and reopens their doors, allowing her to get the documents she needs to be covered.

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