Empowering Women Overseas – February 2024

This cluster event is close to my heart as a former participant, turned practitioner, in cultural exchanges.  Decades ago, while living in Spain, and later, while living in Japan, I was followed and attacked.  Luckily, walking with a partner freed me from the first attacker and later, my wits and my legs got me out Read More

UW Huskies – Strong Women Abound

The community of Au Pairs in Washington gathered up to watch another group of strong women – the UW women’s basketball team. Basketball, like cultural exchange, is full of lessons in teamwork, pivoting, communicating, and adapting. A fun day was had by all with close to 100 Au pairs joining the fun. Read More

APIAs Intimate, Monthly Community Coffee Days

This year our cluster had monthly coffee days like last to get to know one another better than having just our one monthly cluster event.  (Those tend to be very well attended and active, but less intimate!)  I personally adore these coffee times – rotating around our cluster towns – with smaller groups sharing and Read More

Holiday Lights and Magic – December 2023

The holiday lights sparkled, along with the spirits of au pairs from around the globe.  We shared the traditions from many of our home countries and got a little bit closer last Sunday.  Then we stole gifts…  In a lively white elephant, au pairs got into the spirit of the swap.  We had a fun Read More

Pottery Painting with Global Pals – November 2023

A group of our best and brightest artists painted their hearts out in our first ever pottery painting cluster meeting at the University Village shop, Paint The Town.  It was cathartic and relaxing.  And the au pairs got some beautiful keep sakes or gifts for the holidays.  Talent abounds in this crew! Read More

Spooky Underground Touring in Old Seattle – Nov 2023

On Sunday, Oct 22 au pairs from two of the Greater Seattle area clusters dressed up for Halloween and hit the underground tour.  We learned of the history of the great Seattle fire, the diverse businesses that existed in the underground and how it is used in present day.  Great to spend some time together to meet Read More

APIA Global Community Day in Seattle – September 2023

Nearly 100 people, including host parents, host siblings and au pairs from around the globe joined their Seattle area Au Pair In America community to celebrate! The au pairs brought down the house with a culture fair that had posters, food, dancing, language and all the smiles.  We had representative from Zimbabwe, Peru, Panama, France, Read More

As American as Baseball – August 2023

As American as baseball…the remarkable APIA family of au pairs from all WA clusters gathered to watch the Mariners beat Kansas City in a sunshine filled stadium. We got to know one another a bit more in seventh inning stretch and won some big league chew. A gorgeous day of global, peace-seeking, adventure-driven community at Read More