Serving and Protecting Global Visitors – March 2023

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in every 3 women in the world experience violence and these stats have not improved over the past decade. Women living overseas are an especially vulnerable population, in that they are learners of a new language, surrounded by different values and behaviors. Those who have lived overseas Read More

The Culture Shock Cure – Chocolate – Feb 2023

A good chocolate bar is a global effort.  Theo reminded us of that this past Sunday.  And a culture shock cure for au pairs might very well be chocolate.  Theo also agreed with us when asked this past Sunday.  A peaceful community is also a global effort.  APIA Au Pair representatives from Mozambique, Italy, Read More

Strong Women Cheering on Strong Women – January 2023

Au pairs from all around WA came together to cheer on our local UW Women’s Basketball team.  We lost in overtime, but won in friendships and connections!  So many countries, it’s too hard to count.  Excited for in person and for a brand new year. Read More

Vashon Island and Her Peace Keepers – December 2022

This strong group of independent women from Poland, Germany, Argentina and Brazil make up APIA on Vashon Island these days and bring the party wherever they go – even if it is just from this room to the next.  Vashon Island is lucky to have this international childcare option and these folks are lucky enough Read More

Botanical Lights – December 2022

Au pairs gathered up in Bellevue to witness the lights of the Bellevue botanical garden.  We ended with some flute music, a secret Santa gift exchange and a discussion about wellness and tradition.  Nice to be together and look back on the beauty of 2022. Read More

A Global Friends-Giving – Nov 2022

Au pairs from around the world came together to try pie!  (and some to first test out using a whip cream dispenser with the help of new friends.). They shared the year’s gratitudes, their advice for one another on winter shopping spots, advice for classes they enjoyed and thoughts on cluster meetings for 2023. And Read More

Halloween Costume Contest

Creativity abounds!  Au pairs from around the world celebrate the very American Halloween holiday.  Below are Just a few of the amazing halloween contest pictures submitted! Congrats to Rayanna and her host child on her rendition of Lilo and Stitch – and thanks to  all the au pairs who entered and voted. Read More

Cultural Fair and Family Day AT LAST – October 2022

APIA host families from around the Greater Seattle area and their au pairs participated in our annual cultural fair and family day (after a two year hiatus).  So lovely to have the community together again to do word searches, tattoos, face painting, cultural bingos, water balloon tosses and a cultural fair put on by delegates Read More

Delegates from Six Countries Share Thoughts and Donuts – Sept 2022

Au pairs this month gathered up in a host family’s gorgeous backyard in Redmond.  We “solved the current childcare dilemmas” for one another, talked about why we were named what we were named, chatted education requirements for the visa and ate donuts.  A lovely, intimate get to know you kind Read More

Scavenger Hunting with the World – August 2022

Au pairs from over 10 counties ferried over from Seattle to Bainbridge Island this month to participate in a photo scavenger hunt.  We ended with a taste of the world famous Mora ice cream.   Read More