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Giving Back

Last night we had the privilege to work with Team Mathias to assemble Be The Match swabbing kits. In less than 2 hours, these amazing young women completed over 800 kits that will be the first step in potentially saving lives. It was beautiful to witness our group learn about Be the Match and how Team Mathias became involved with Be the Match. It was all Mathias, his generous soul, wanting to help others❤️?❤️ Please find out more information at www.bethematch.com and https://www.teammathias.org/


Giving Thanks and Giving Back


We had a wonderful cluster meeting last night that focused on the importance of giving thanks and giving back!  The au pairs packed hundreds of snack bags for children served by the Cornerstone programs in Reston.  We also collected a box full of school supplies for Art for Humanity in Honduras – Art for Humanity built a school for young women called the Leadership Center and is now sponsoring an elementary school in a very small town in Honduras.

To add fun to the preparation of the snack packs, the au pairs also had a pie tasting contest and for the 2nd year in a row Pecan Pie won!

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