It’s National Hug Day!

National Hug Holiday Everyone appreciates a hug! Have you hugged the children today? Have they hugged you? There are lots of fun children’s books about hugs – look for these in the library: Hug by Jez Alborough A Book of Hugs by Dave Ross Hug Me by Patti Stren A Hug of Bears by Paul Adshead Art from Read More

Do you know Morse Code?

The inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code, Samuel Morse was born on this day in 1791. Morse Code is a system representing letters, numbers and punctuation marks by means of a code signal. It was the first electronic communication and International Morse Code, which uses only dots and dashes, is still used today. You can Read More

It’s National Pretzel Day!

Bake your own soft pretzels. Here is an easy and delicious recipe: Ingredients: 1 package of yeast 1 teaspoon salt 11/2 cups warm water 1 tablespoon sugar 1 egg, beaten course salt to sprinkle on pretzels Directions: Stir yeast into water. Add the sugar and salt. Blend in flour with hands. Knead until smooth. Cut Read More

Social Distancing: Free Virtual Escape Rooms

Libraries may be closed due to COVID-19, but many librarians are coming up with creative ideas to keep people entertained and promote literacy. One of those creative ideas is free virtual escape rooms. With a variety of themes, some may be fun to do on your own, others as activities with the kids. Sydney Krawiec, Read More

Social Distancing: 5 Apps to Plan Your Future Trips

Being spontaneous and just traveling to a place and deciding what to do as you go along can be fun. But, there are benefits to doing research and planning before your trips. These ideas are to help you make general plans. You shouldn’t book any tickets or make any financial commitments until you know when Read More

Social Distancing: 5 Online Adventures for Kids

Reading, playing, and doing art projects are always great ways to entertain children and keep them physically active and learning. It’s a good idea to limit screen time. But, in this time of social distancing, technology can play an important role in allowing kids to see and connect with the world outside of their homes. Read More

Social Distancing: 10 Things You CAN Do Right Now

Social distancing is important right now to help slow the spread of coronavirus. This means avoiding places where you come in contact with lots of people (schools, movies, restaurants, museums, concerts, parties, etc.)  I am sure you keep hearing a lot about the things you should not do. It’s also important to have ideas of Read More