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Au Pair in America Partners with AAA


The most trusted choice for live-in childcare, Au Pair in America has partnered with AAA, the nation’s most trusted name in driver safety and instruction, to offer a custom course specifically designed for au pairs. This course differs from those offered in your community, in that AAA has taken the best of several of their courses, adapted them to be the most accessible to the au pair population, with special focus on driver and child passenger safety.  Key components of the course include:

  • Driver Safety
  • Child passenger safety (car seats, communication, expectations)
  • Communication and traffic devices
  • Vehicle Awareness (understanding what your vehicle is “telling you.”)
  • Reducing Risks while Driving (includes defensive driving techniques, phone/texting issues, and drinking and driving awareness)


This  AAA course designed exclusively for Au Pair In America.  Course includes a combination of lecture, group exercises, video/other media to ensure the maximum understanding to speakers of other languages or newly arrived to the US participants.




All Host Families with au pairs arriving into the USA in 2011 will receive more information about this new course and how their au pair can be enrolled!

Au Pair February Meeting About Taxes in USA

AP does taxesWe may not want to pay taxes: those of us born in the USA, or those who live in the USA for a short time.  But if you earn money in the USA, then you owe your fair share.  At the Suffolk County Au Pair in America February Cluster Meeting the information on how and when to pay taxes was reviewed by Senior Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba.  “I am not an accountant, but I need to give the information to all of you,” Cindy stated.  “It is important to review the information available on and file appropriately.” 

A link to the information is available under the Link “Life in the USA” on this blog.


 The meeting included egg rolls and fortune cookies to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Cindy discussed why we celebrate President’s Day in the USA and that the host children would be off of school for a week in February.   Several au pairs mentioned they were tired of the long winter, and Cindy gave them a handout with some activities to do with the children on winter days. 

superbowl sunday

It was Super Bowl Sunday and Cindy explained how most Americans wil watch the Super Bowl, making it the most viewed show of the year.  Many people watch with friends and family, even if just for the commercials and half time.  Everyone received a Valentine goodie bag, too!


Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year: Happy 4709! The True Meaning of the Year of the Rabbitchinese year of the rabbit

 Dust off your fluffy tails and bring out your bunny ears: This party’s sure to be hoppin’. 

February 3  marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit and all over the world people will be celebrating with crazy pyrotechnics, outlandish costumes and goodies galore. Lion dancers will take to the streets and gifts of money and food (like rabbit shaped sweet rice cakes) will be given to family members. The party lasts for almost two weeks and makes up the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.

About 230 million people (more than the entire Brazilian population) will be traveling home for the festivities this week, making it the world’s biggest annual human migration.

To welcome in the New Year many Chinese have been buying baby bunnies as presents for friends and family. The Tu Baobao (Baby Rabbit) pet shop in Shanghai has had to order extra little critters to cope with the demand, and bunny costumes for dogs and cats have been flying of the shelves. Grilled, fried and roasted rabbit has also been popular, with restaurants seeing previously neglected delicacies gobbled up with gusto.

The rabbit is the fourth of 12 astrological signs in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each sign denotes different characteristics and is said to influence the course of life, much like the western zodiac.  If you’re a bunny baby you are said to be talented, virtuous, reserved and kind. Rabbits are also prosperous and fashionable, enjoying the finer things in life. Famous rabbits include Elle Macpherson, Jonny Depp, Sting and Drew Barrymore.

The transition from Tiger to Rabbit brings a change of vibe to the lunar year: The Year of the Rabbit is said to be a peaceful one, with those on either side of it (Tiger and Dragon) known for global unrest and change.

So Happy New Year Everyone and let’s hope the Year of the Rabbit is a peaceful and prosperous one!

Suffolk County Au Pairs Celebrate the New Year!new year

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Winter Fun For Au Pairs and Host Children

winter is fun

ABC’s of Winter Fun

A is for Art – try drawing, painting or gluing
B is for Baking – bake a dessert together for dinner
C is for Clay – Use non-hardening clay or play dough to shape and mold
D is for Dance – put on a lively tape
E is for Exercise – be sure to get some everyday
F is for Friends – invite some over
G is for Greenhouse – find a local greenhouse to visit to enjoy the sights and smells
H is for House – make a playhouse from a large appliance box
I is for Ice skating – take the children to a local rink
J is for Jigsaw puzzle – be sure to pick one that isn’t too difficult
K is for Kitchen science – try a safe experiment

tea partyL is for Library – borrow some new books
M is for Movie – make one with a video camera, or watch one
N is for Necklace – make one out of cereal or macaroni
O is for Origami – learn to make simple paper creations
P is for Puppets – socks make easy and fun puppets – put on a show!
Q is for Quiet Time – everyone needs some of this
R is for Reading aloud – choose a good book and a comfortable place to sit
S is for Seeds and Suet – put out food for the birds and watch them eat
T is for Tent – make one from old blankets and chairs
U is for Unplugged – do a day with no TV
V is for Variety – try something new everyday
W is for Walk – take one in any weather (be sure to dress appropriately)
winter playingX is for Xylophone – make your own with glasses, water and a metal spoon
Y is for Year – make a calendar or scrapbook to remember the year
Z is for Zoo – play zoo, pretend to be animals in the zoo, what noises do they make?

indoor playtime