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Crepes & Taxes for March Au Pair Cluster Meeting


On Sunday, March 13 the Suffolk Cluster from Au Pair in America met at Crazy Crepe in Mt. Sinai.  Everyone had a crepe and a soft drink or coffee while we reviewed how to fill out their tax returns.  Au Pairs who made more than $4000 in their stipend earnings in 2015 had to pay taxes on what they earned. 


We also had a raffle for wearing their APIA t-shirt, 4 au pairs won gift cards to Starbucks! 

We wished Dayanna a safe return to Mexico after spending 2 years as an au pair in Hampton Bays!  We all enjoyed spending time together and look forward to our next cluster activity, seeing Rock of Ages on Broadway in April!20160313_151605_resized

Au Pair March Meeting!

WIN_20150315_152949 (2)The Au Pair in America Suffolk County Cluster gathered at Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba’s home to fill out their tax forms.  They also welcomed new au pairs and said good bye to a couple leaving soon.  A lot of people wearing green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!  Cindy had a raffle for those wearing green to the meeting, 4 au pairs won Starbuck’s gift cards!  Green tortilla chips and dip, mint chocolate chip ice cream and green cookies were enjoyed by all!

Cindy presented au pairs with certificates for teaching Global Awareness to American students.

Cindy presented au pairs with certificates for teaching Global Awareness to American students.


Cindy thanks Nikoleta as she prepares to return to Slovakia

Cindy thanks Nikoleta as she prepares to return to Slovakia

February Cluster Meeting

DSCN0384Last weekend’s snow storm pushed our celebration of Chinese New Year a week later, but we enjoyed learning all about it and how to make Chinese Dumplings from Yujue, an au pair from China!  She taught us about the Chinese Zodiac, how the new year is celebrated in China.  Then she taught us how to make Chinese dumplings, which were delicious.DSCN0399DSCN0395

DSCN0410Cindy Garruba and Nancy Picart combined their clusters at Cindy’s house for the meeting.  Cindy led the group in filling out their tax forms, reviewing some school information for classes au pairs can take, safe driving tips from the DMV, childcare activities for fun on days when you have to stay inside, and then we learned some heart idioms in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Nancy Picart made a Valentine dessert for everyone, we handed out candy kisses to all the au pairs. DSCN0402

DSCN0407It was the last cluster meeting for Juliana from Brazil! She will be traveling around the USA for her bonus travel month, then returning to Brazil.  Cindy presented her with a certificate, a good bye gift and all the au pairs cheered her accomplishments.  Juliana has been an au pair for 2 years!  We look forward to hearing more about her trip and her success in years to come!DSCN0383


March Cluster Meeting

March 2012 cluster meeting 002Taxes aren’t much fun, but they have to be done, even by au pairs.  On Sunday, March 18th, Cindy Garruba Senior Community Counselor in Suffolk County for Au Pair in America helped the au pairs prepare their tax returns.  Cindy handed out the forms, directions and provided the steps to complete the returns provided by Au Pair in America’s Stamford office.  Taxes done, they will mail them in on or before the April 17th deadline date!

March 2012 cluster meeting 005Since Spring has sprung early here on Long Island, we reviewed playground safety.  Tips on safety can be found on the APIA website http://www.aupairinamerica.com/resources/safety_tips/ .  Au Pair in America considers the safety of the children in our au pairs’ care of the utmost importance.  The au pairs also viewed a video about playground safety                  


AP friendship braceletsMarch 2012 cluster meeting 003We also shared how important friendship is in the Au Pair program.  “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.”  Lifelong friendships are formed as au pairs.  We exchanged friendship bracelets to remember to reach out to each other when we need a friend!

March 2012 cluster meeting 001

Au Pair February Meeting About Taxes in USA

AP does taxesWe may not want to pay taxes: those of us born in the USA, or those who live in the USA for a short time.  But if you earn money in the USA, then you owe your fair share.  At the Suffolk County Au Pair in America February Cluster Meeting the information on how and when to pay taxes was reviewed by Senior Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba.  “I am not an accountant, but I need to give the information to all of you,” Cindy stated.  “It is important to review the information available on www.aupairinamerica.com and file appropriately.” 

A link to the information is available under the Link “Life in the USA” on this blog.


 The meeting included egg rolls and fortune cookies to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Cindy discussed why we celebrate President’s Day in the USA and that the host children would be off of school for a week in February.   Several au pairs mentioned they were tired of the long winter, and Cindy gave them a handout with some activities to do with the children on winter days. 

superbowl sunday

It was Super Bowl Sunday and Cindy explained how most Americans wil watch the Super Bowl, making it the most viewed show of the year.  Many people watch with friends and family, even if just for the commercials and half time.  Everyone received a Valentine goodie bag, too!