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Spring Time is Playground Safety Time!

  • The basic rule of playground safety: watch the children at all times, particularly near swings, and climbing equipment.
  • Some playgrounds are on school grounds and should be avoided if the school children are outside playing.
  • Whenever you go out in warm weather, remember to bring along drinks.
  • It is important to apply sunscreen, even if it is hazy.
  • Safety around water is particularly important. A child can drown in just a few inches of water. Whenever you are near water you must never leave a child alone – if the phone rings, take them with you or let it ring! Always stay within arm’s reach when the children are in water.

Cluster Meeting with Trek America


Trek America gave a presentation to the Suffolk County Au Pair in America au pairs on Sunday, Feb 28.  The au pairs learned about the great trips they offer for their vacations and their travel month.  All au pairs who complete their 1 to 2 years in the program successfully can travel for one month in the USA before they return home to their country.  Clayton, a tour guide with Trek America, gave a lively presentation with a great slide show.  He asked and answered questions, too.20160228_145923_resized

After the Trek Presentation, Cindy Garruba, Community  Counselor for Au Pair in America talked about playground and bike safety.  Each quarter the au pairs are taught a safety lesson.

The meeting included a chance for the au pairs to make friends and mingle.  We welcomed new au pairs who just arrived in the USA for a year in America and said good bye to a few going home.

Corrina Moore from South Africa, Cindy Garruba Senior Community Counselor, Kristi Halpern Community Counselor, Karolina Vitt from Germany

Corrina Moore from South Africa, Cindy Garruba Senior Community Counselor, Kristi Halpern Community Counselor, Karolina Vitt from Germany

March Cluster Meeting

March 2012 cluster meeting 002Taxes aren’t much fun, but they have to be done, even by au pairs.  On Sunday, March 18th, Cindy Garruba Senior Community Counselor in Suffolk County for Au Pair in America helped the au pairs prepare their tax returns.  Cindy handed out the forms, directions and provided the steps to complete the returns provided by Au Pair in America’s Stamford office.  Taxes done, they will mail them in on or before the April 17th deadline date!

March 2012 cluster meeting 005Since Spring has sprung early here on Long Island, we reviewed playground safety.  Tips on safety can be found on the APIA website http://www.aupairinamerica.com/resources/safety_tips/ .  Au Pair in America considers the safety of the children in our au pairs’ care of the utmost importance.  The au pairs also viewed a video about playground safety                  


AP friendship braceletsMarch 2012 cluster meeting 003We also shared how important friendship is in the Au Pair program.  “Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.”  Lifelong friendships are formed as au pairs.  We exchanged friendship bracelets to remember to reach out to each other when we need a friend!

March 2012 cluster meeting 001