Annual Au Pair in America NYC Scavenger Hunt

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12187781_10153727645478792_2729845981851021747_n (2)A wonderful day was spent in NYC with over 200 au pairs from Au Pair in America.  All of these au pairs live on Long Island, NYC, Westchester or Connecticut.  20 Community Counselors from APIA organized the event and met the au pairs on the steps of the main NYC library.    They had a list of 30 items to find!  1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize certificates and prizes  were awarded.  6 au pairs won raffles prizes for wearing their APIA t-shirt.  12189011_10153727645728792_7607194800356303659_n 11218832_10153727645678792_6310945794105244940_n 12189831_10153727645603792_2574296649554393804_n

This activity is a lot of fun for everyone involved.  The au pairs learn a lot about NYC and many return to take a closer look at the items on the list in future visits to NYC.  APIA Community Counselors arrange monthly meetings for their cluster of au pairs.  Some are educational meetings and some are cultural activities.  All these meetings foster friendships between au pairs and give them opportunities to learn more about the communities within in which they reside with host families.  12189804_10153727646258792_4257546030921812070_n 12036941_10153727646563792_2582712890206739769_n 12065593_10153727646328792_4761234739197617258_n 12036743_10153727645748792_3182877692232764886_n 11100221_10153727646363792_4336301946179518213_n12038321_10153727646078792_7547123047958997954_n12191084_10153727645963792_565970619114058956_n12043019_10153727645823792_2094321633353707192_n

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