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Annual Holiday Party

Our cluster meeting last night was so much fun!

To celebrate the holidays each au pair brought a dish that reminded them of home.  Food always helps bring people together and often helps with homesickness too.  After sharing some wonderful dish we all played a really fun game: everyone had to hold a plate on their head and draw specific items blindly (a tree, a fireplace next to the tree, stockings on the fireplace, ornaments, gifts, etc).  See a picture of the 3 winners.

Thanksgiving and Giving Back

This year for our Thanksgiving cluster meeting we had our annual pie tasting.  Everyone got to taste the different pies they may see during Thanksgiving (Pumpkin, Apple, Pecan) and vote for their favorite one.  Many au pairs had never tried pumpkin pie before.  Apple Pie was the winner this year.

For the holidays this year we also decided to write letters to the troops.  Au Pairs can relate to being away from home for the holidays and therefore we all sent letters of encouragement for others who wouldn’t be home.

Another great cluster meeting!

Trick or Treat! Annual Halloween Breakfast

This morning we all got to enjoy a nice breakfast to start celebrating Halloween (might as well start the sugar rush early).  Many au pairs were able to bring their host children, some were dressed up and all had fun. Diane’s house is always decorated for Halloween (see pictures below).  We had so much fun!


14th Annual Washington, DC Scavenger Hunt


Approximately 300 Au Pairs from all around the DC area and their 21 Community Counselors gathered at the Washington Monument early Sunday to participate in the 14th Annual Washington DC Scavenger Hunt!

It was an incredible day! Sun was shining, temperatures were great, and the Au Pairs had a wonderful time running around to get answers, pictures, and items requested on their sheet.

A wonderful day for Au Pairs and Counselors alike!

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