Discover 6 Ways Hosting an Au Pair Will Benefit Your Family

April 11th, 2017

Discover 6 Ways Hosting an Au Pair Will Benefit Your Family | Au Pair in America

As America’s first au pair program, we know from experience that hosting an au pair has many benefits. Over the past several decades, we’ve connected families across the U.S. with talented and caring au pairs from around the world through cultural exchange. If you are considering au pair child care, read on to discover six ways hosting an au pair will benefit your family.

1. Time

Time is a precious commodity for everyone. The convenience and flexibility of au pair child care in the comfort of your own home have a tremendous impact on time. What family wouldn’t benefit from more time—and better quality time at that—to enjoy together? Hosting an au pair helps take the hassle out of daily routines and smooths out the frustration of unexpected hiccups like sick days, school closings and more. Hosting an au pair helps to provide stability and comfort for children throughout the day.

2. Education

The education of your children is so important, and when you host an au pair, you receive the world’s best intercultural child care to enrich your home. Children with au pair caregivers benefit from exposure to other cultures, customs, languages and global perspectives. Au pairs provide homework assistance, rides to and from school and activities and enriching opportunities for your whole family to learn through cultural exchange.

3. Support

When you choose Au Pair in America, your family is empowered through personalized support—around the clock—from an unrivaled network of support staff including a Placement Services Team, Orientation Team, Regional Managers, Emergency Assistance Team and a professional Community Counselor living within your home community. What this means is personal choice and support to make sure you find a qualified au pair to suit your family’s specific needs and preferences. It also means that you’ll have the support you need to make any necessary adjustments for the comfort and safety of your family, throughout your time as a host family.

4. Experience

You receive the benefit of our experience as the nation’s first au pair program. We’ve been working with the U.S. government to provide American families with au pair child care since inaugurating the program in 1986. We know that it is a privilege to connect people through au pair exchange, and our commitment to superior screening, selection and support is paramount.

5. Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from having less stress and hassle in your daily routine. It comes from knowing your children are being tended and nurtured. It comes from knowing we are experienced, available and supportive. Peace of mind also comes from placing your children in the care of a qualified and capable individual. Rest assured that all of our au pairs have recent child care experience and are required to pass a rigorous screening process and background check. In addition, we provide a comprehensive orientation program that covers child development, child safety, exclusive American Red Cross training and an optional AAA driver safety training for au pairs. Peace of mind is a big part of the Au Pair in America difference.

6. Connection

When you find a great match for your family and host an au pair, you gain a child care provider on par with a trusted member of your family—and meaningful connections that can last far into the future. Through cultural exchange and getting to know your family’s au pair, you connect with another country, language, culture and more. You have the chance to expand your family network internationally, and you open up opportunities to travel and explore the world with the inside scoop of a local. Imagine the possibilities!

Visit Au Pair in America to learn even more about the benefits of au pair child care for your family.

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