10 Tips for Vacationing with your Host Family

Here are 10 Tips for Vacationing with your Host Family so that everyone has a great time, and the kids are safe! 1. Tag, your it! I had a host family with 3 small children tell me that when it was the au pair’s turn to be responsible for the children (and vice versa) they Read More

Top 10 Tips- Vacationing with your Au Pair!

  As a host family, it is great to have your Au Pair along on a vacation. However, there are pitfalls that can happen One of the biggest issues is the danger that can be involved when no-one is clear about whose job it is to oversee the kids. Here are 10 Tips Read More

Comprehensive List of Online Resources for Education

Online Education Options for Au Pairs: Education: Your course will be approved if these things are met: 1. Comes from an accredited school. 2. The college, university, or technical school must be an American school. 3. Starts before the end of June 2021 4. Have a screenshot of the number of hours you will earn. Read More

Au pair Favorite FREE Online Courses!

    All online classes must be finished within 2020. All colleges must be a USA college and accredited by the University system. Check with your counselor before beginning any online course.  1.Yale University: The Science of well-Being. This course challenges you to be happy and let go of ideas that keep us from being Read More