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Happy Fourth of July!

No other holiday can provide such a uniquely American experience. Being in the USA on Fourth of July can be wonderful and exciting anywhere. Here in the south, be sure to experience The Fourth in our tradition! A couple of things you will want to accomplish to be sure!

Watch the Peachtree Road Race!

Eat Watermelon

See fireworks

Hold a sparkler

Have a picnic with fried chicken

Sit on a porch decorated with red, white and blue bunting

Run in a potato sack race with your host children

Ask what the fourth of July means to Americans you have met in your Au pair year.

On this night with fireworks soaring and families gathered on red and white checkered blankets, you will see in their eyes a sense of pride and respect. Pride in a country where being free is everything…… and respect for all those who give themselves to protect that freedom.

Keeping kids busy and active is the key to success for those long summer days!

Keeping kids busy and active is the key to success for those long summer days!
Have a ready list of easy, fun activities that you can do with your host children.
Use your Au Pair In America orientation booklet for “150 Things to Do with Children”. This is jammed with super ideas.

My favorite is the bubble recipe. Ask your host dad to bend wire coat hangers into large circles with a handle. Outside on the driveway, pour the bubble mix into a shallow dish large enough for the circular coat hanger. A clean trash can lid works great. See how large you get can your bubbles to float!

Some other fun ideas:
Put on classical music and move like trees or animals!
Freeze juice and make yummy popsicles!
Make a craft out of leftover Popsicle sticks or shells from the beach trip.
Make a tent
Use the Kitchen table and a sheet to make a cool place to get out of the sun on a hot day!
Dress up
Be Super man or a princess! Have fun pretending.
Chalk on the driveway
Endless fun with drawing pictures and hopscotch!
Play a game outside or just toss or kick.
Read out loud
Use funny voices to make all the characters come alive!
Bird watch
See how many kinds of birds you can find in your back yard. Look them up on Google to identify what kind of bird it is. Have a bird watch every day to keep track of them
Plant a sun flower! Plant seeds in a super, sunny place and water it every day!