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 Our cluster meetings are important for many reasons! This is a time to meet new Au Pairs who may be feeling lonely or homesick. Everyone remembers how difficult and sad those first few weeks are. Having more seasoned Au pairs present at the first cluster meeting to comfort a new Au pair can really make all the difference in her confidence. You might also meet a special new friend!

Important information is given at each cluster meeting. Great questions from other Au pairs can also provide you with extra information about a topic. This information will not be sent to you if you do not attend.

You are required by the governing body of our Au pair Agency to have a monthly communication with the counselor each month. Attending the monthly cluster meeting fulfills this requirement. If you don’t attend the meeting, it is your responsibility to reach out to your community counselor to have monthly contact.

We have fun doing activities altogether. Some activities are arranged with all of the local clusters. This is a great opportunity to meet other Au Pairs from your country and all around the world. Some cluster meetings are more intimate for just our cluster. These meetings are special because they allow us to get to know one another.

Planning a special outing for a group is a difficult and sometimes costly mission for the counselor. You can reward her efforts by attending each meeting or by calling her and explaining why you are not able to attend. These actions show good manners and responsibility on your part.

Painting pottery, getting a pedicure, visiting Stone Mountain, attending art festivals and having a pizza party are just some of the fun activities we do at our cluster meetings. My favorite times are those spent in my backyard just hanging out relaxing together. Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!



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