Southern Traditions for Fourth of July Celebrations!


Happy Fourth of July!

No other holiday can provide such a uniquely American experience. Being in the USA on Fourth of July can be wonderful and exciting anywhere in the USA. Here in the south, be sure to experience The Fourth with our southern traditions! Here are a couple of things you will want to accomplish:

Follow the Peachtree Road Racepeachtree race






Eat Watermelon outside and don’t worry about it dripping down your arm!eating watermelon

See fireworks.


Hold a sparkler.







Have a picnic with fried chicken and lots of friends.


Sit on a porch decorated with red, white and blue bunting and drink lemonade.

house with bunting






Run in a potato sack race with your host children.


Ask an American Friend what the fourth of July means to them.


On this night with fireworks soaring and families gathering on red and white checkered blankets, you will see in their eyes a sense of pride and respect. Pride in a country where being free is everything…… and respect for all those who give themselves to protect that freedom. I hope you enjoy our Fourth of July!

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