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Tie Dye Au Pair Cluster Meeting was big success!

I hope everyone had a great time tie dying at our cluster meeting. I love my Red, White and Blue shorts!  This is a very fun activity to share with your older host children, just remember to wear gloves. This is best done outside.

  1. All items must be made of 100% cotton
  2. Make your pattern by folding, twisting or wrapping the item and rubber band it together very tightly. Remember that inside the folds will be  left white.
  3. Soak in soda ash and water for about 20 minutes.
  4. Use two or three coordinating colors for the best results. Wear plastic gloves or you will be tie dyed too!
  5. Place in a zip lock bag and leave for 24 hours.
  6. Take out of bag ( wearing plastic gloves) and lay in the grass and wash off excess dye with a garden hose. The dye will change the color of most hard surfaces, so grass is best.
  7. Wash the item by itself once using cold water. After that you can wash along with other clothes. The item will not bleed onto other clothes.

Send me pictures of your projects with your host kids!

Tie dyeIMG_4142 IMG_4144 IMG_9486 IMG_9489imagejpeg_0IMG_4145