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Au Pair Education Requirement For 2022

Online Education Options for Au Pairs:

Online classes are a great option because many are self-paced. This means that you can do the work whenever it is convenient for your schedule. There is no class time you are required to log into at a specific time.  Many in-person classes will require a Georgia Driver’s license to register. In-person, classes require you to drive the host family car during high traffic times in order to get to the class in time. Most in-person classes are in the evening or on Saturday. In-person classes are expensive and will often cost more than the host family allowance in order to achieve the 72 required hours. Many options for online classes will allow you to audit them for free. 

Your course will be approved if these things are met:
1. Comes from an accredited college, university or technical college approved by the DOS.
2. The college, university, or technical school must be an American school.
3. Starts before the end of March 31, 2022
4. Have a screenshot of the number of hours you will earn.
5. Provide a certificate or a screenshot of the page that shows you have completed the course. The proof of completion must include your name.  If you choose not to pay for the certificate, it is possible to AUDIT the course for free. You will need to provide screenshots that prove that you completed the whole course. These must be EMAILED to your community counselor.
6. All classes must be finished by the end of your 11th month….30 days before the end of your year. Please submit all certificates at the time you finish them by emailing them to the counselor at her APIA address. Don’t wait to send all at once.
7. 72 hours or 7.2 CEUs must be achieved in order to extend a term.
8. Au pairs in their extension term must also earn 72 hours for a one-year extension or a 9-month extension. 36 hours or 3.6 CEUs for a 6-month extension.
9. Special 6-month extension requires 36 hours or 3.6 CEUs.
10. The education allowance is available to assist with earning certificates or paying tuition for a class. It is not paid directly to the Au pair. Maximum of 500.00 per year for the first term or a 12 month or 9-month extension. Maximum of 250.00 for a 6-month extension. This allowance is only for education and is paid directly to a college.
ALL CLasses must be from an accredited, USA college or university!

Some classes are grouped together and are called a ” Specialization”. This means that each course within the specialization group must be taken and will give a specific amount of hours. Please count each course’s hours to total up how many you will achieve.

Most Popular Search Mechanisms: NOT all classes found will be approved by the State Department. Check with your counselor BEFORE you sign up!

Most Popular Courses:

The Science of Well Being –

Dog Emotion and Cognition –

Interior Design –

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry –

Computer Science for Business Professionals –

How to Write an Essay –

Tricky American English Pronunciation –

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management –

This course is from the University of Pennsylvania and yields 40 hours. It is self-paced. You can do the work whenever you have time. There is no specific class time.
English for Career Development –

Improve your English Communication Skills –

This is a specialization with multiple courses giving all of the 72 hours when all courses are completed.

Photography –

Photography Specialization :

Culinary Arts –

Best Course for 5 Hours:

Fairfax University of America – Online Museum Courses

Best ESL/TOEFL Courses:

The University of California at Irvine offers a series of classes:

International Language Institute – DC –

LADO – DC Metro Area –

UCEDA – or for ESL classes, too.

EFI Online –

Kenton County Adult ESL –

Community College of Allegheny County – Grammar Refresher –

Zoni Language Center – Intermediate Conversations –

Hudson County Community College – English Skills for Real Life Situations –

Prince Georges Community College – ESL –

Fairfax Universtiy of America –

Georgia Tech Language Institute –

International Language Institute –

More Popular Choices:

Teaching English courses:

Learning Across America and Learning Express –

Classroom Au Pair –

Psychology Classes:

Yale University: One course gives 15 hours

Penn State University: five courses in the specialization giving 80 hours.

Wesleyan Unversity 38 hours