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Refer a Family to Au Pair in America

Refer a Family to Au Pair in America

Refer a Family to Au Pair in America and earn $$$$$$$$500.00



Do you know a family that might be interested in hosting an au pair? Referring families is easy! If you refer a host family and they match with an au pair you will receive a $500 Amazon gift card.


Refer as many families as you want and get $500 for every on that matches- there is no limit to how many gift cards you can earn! PLUS – refer three families, and receive a fourth Amazon gift card free!


There are interested families everywhere! Visit the Au Pair Referral Page to hear how easy it is to refer from one of your fellow au pairs and read some helpful tips for referring new host families.

Last year two au pairs in our cluster earned $500.00

View this au pair video about referring families :


Join in for ongoing training on a wide range of au pair topics!

Join in for ongoing training on a wide range of  au pair topics!

We are very proud of the ongoing training we offer our au pairs which provides further educational on a wide range of topics.. Our orientation trainers take great care to research and prepare the topics presented and we get great feedback from au pairs who attend.   

 Au pairs are sent emails monthly  with the webinar details and reminders on the day of training and can register through the webinar link in the email.


Webinar Schedule  (All times Eastern time zone)


October 15

8 pm               Nutrition. Good eating for you and your kids

9 pm               It’s Up to You. Making the most of your Au Pair year

10 pm             Activities to do with Preschoolers


October 29

11 am             Language Development: Birth and beyond

12 noon         Tantrums are no fun for anyone. Help, my kids are fighting again!            

1 pm               American holidays: what they are, activities and getting through

                       the holiday blues


November  11

8 pm               Managing play with more than one child

9 pm               Repatriation

10 pm             Feeling Sad or Stressed: Tips for gaining balance in your life


November 26

11 am             Help! My kids are fighting again

12 noon         Activities for School Age Kids

1 pm               Homesickness. Making it through


December 5

8 pm               Activities to do with Preschoolers


December 6

9 pm               Successfully communicating with your host family


December 9

10 am             Homework: Finding the right strategy for your child


December 15

9 pm               Homesickness. Making it through

10 pm             Toilet Training 101


December 17

8 pm               Tantrums are no fun for anyone

Going Unplugged During Work Hours?

Going Unplugged During Work Hours

Posted by Heike on Sep 25, 2013 No Comments
Thanks to Heike, community counselor in Boston, for a thought provoking article!
Au Pairs – Imagine for a moment that you went to the hospital and you were in the care of doctors and nurses.  How would you feel if those doctors and nurses who were there to care for you were more interested in texting or using their personal computer than caring for you?  How would that make you feel, about yourself and about them?  Would you think that you were getting the treatment you deserved?  Would you feel like paying the bill after your stay?

Life as an au pair, it is a fine balance between employee and family member. You live with your host family and participate with them as a member of the family, but you also have clear responsibilities as a childcare provider. Being a childcare provider is truly one of the most important jobs I can think of, because you are helping to shape our next generation.  What message are you sending them when you would rather interact with a computer than with them? How will they feel about themselves and about you? Children feel as though everything is about them. They will see this as a rejection of them and they will be more likely to act out.

It also poses a safety concern when you are not paying enough attention to the children in your care.  Accidents happen, but when an adult care giver is close by and appropriately supervising the chances of a major injury dramatically reduce.

During work hours, the following would not be considered acceptable:
-Talking to friends on the phone
-Chatting with friends online
-Using Skype or Facetime
-Updating your status on Facebook
-Using Orkut, Google+, Studivz, SiempreGente or any other social media site
-Watching videos on YouTube (even my really fabulous ones)
-Tweeting on your Twitter
-Uploading photos on Instragram or Vine
-Anything else on the computer unless it is going to Nickjr.com together with your host children

Think about this — even if you work 45 hours a week, that leaves you 123 hours per week for all of that other stuff, or about 70 hours (if you are getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night.)

Host Parents – You need to be clear about what you consider acceptable during work hours to avoid misunderstandings.  Also, please understand that you are dealing with a new generation of people who are very accustomed to being plugged in at all times.  Their intention is not to be rude, they don’t necessarily realize how their actions will be perceived.  Please use this information as an opportunity to begin a dialogue on the issue.

Au Pair Education Program

Au Pair Education Program

English for Internationals

575 Colonial Park Drive

Roswell, GA 30075

www.eng4intl.com     Questions?                              Call 770-587-9640

Au Pair Program Roswell

Dates May 6 – June 26
Days Mondays and Wednesdays
Times 7:30pm – 9:30pm
CEUs/Credit Hours 3 CEUs/36 Credit Hours
Tuition $400




 Course Description: The class has an academic focus and includes short-term modules covering a variety of topics during the eight weeks.  Students will practice conversing in complex dialogue and reading and writing at an advanced level.  Excursions will provide additional educational opportunities.

 Registration Deadline!           April 23rd – Call 770-587-9640 to register and schedule a placement test.

 Tell your friends!                    A minimum of 6 students will be required to hold the class.

 Accredited?                            Yes!  English for Internationals is nationally accredited by ACCET.

 Free Registration (worth $10) – Please be sure to tell us you are an Au Pair!                     

 Excursions – 4 during the term (2 evenings instead of in-class learning and 2 on Saturday morning or afternoon) Cost not included in tuition.                                                                               

       $50 EFI Bucks – Each student who finishes the program will receive a $50 credit to use toward tuition of the following term.                                                                                                         

  Free Parking


Lady Liberty To Host Visitors Again!


The Statue of Liberty

Our most famous icon symbolizing the American people and culture will re-open on July 4th after damage from Hurricane Sandy.  On October 29th the 820 mile (1320km) wide hurricane brought high winds and storm surges to much of the Eastern United States, including New York City.  The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island, a 12 acre island located a mile south of lower Manhattan. Normally, the confines of the New York Harbor protect Liberty Island from extreme weather. However, when Hurricane Sandy hit, Liberty Island was in the direct path of a massive storm surge. Nearby in Battery Park, water rose 13.8 feet (4.2m). On Liberty Island, that meant nearly 75% of the Island was under water.

The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924 and restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986.


Visits to Liberty Island can be planned by going to the website:


A Treasure Hunt For Your Host Kids

A Treasure Hunt For Your Host Kids

Leah Abernethy, a current au pair, shared a great game to put together for your host kids. This looks fun for you and the children!  Thanks for sharing Leah!

Leah wrote:

About a month ago I started putting together a treasure hunt with rhyming clues for the kids. The kids really loved it! For the treasure at the end I just went to the Dollar Tree and spent $15 ($5 a child) on small toys and a few candies.

You could also bake something or maybe rearrange the clues so the

last clue leads to the car and then you could take the kids out for ice cream.

Sincerely,   Leah Abernethy


You’ve just finished school and it’s been a long day

I’m sure you just want some electronics to play.

But I have a better idea; just wait till you hear,

There are 10 clues for a treasure hunt near.

You must work together to solve all these clues

And then you will find a small treasure for you!

Please take turns and everyone try

Also walk slowly so you don’t fall and cry

1.The first clue is easy; I suppose
it’s found where you wash your dirty clothes

2. Slide and swings and monkey bars
the next clue is where these things are.

3.. When (child’s name) is dirty, it is quite easily seen!

So he’ll (she’ll) enter this room to get thoroughly clean.

4. This clue is difficult to read, but never fear

Simply hold this paper up in a mirror

(Write a word written backwards here)

5. My wrinkly skin is like a dog talking

I am long-lived, but you won’t catch me walking

6. The next clue, if you are hasty
is where we store all things tasty

7. The next clue, if you go look
is where (child’s name) goes to find a good book

8. And now for the next clue that you seek
it’s on something with four wheels that goes beep

9. Some visitors pause here and strangers announce their reason.

Things that decorate me can indicate the season.

10. Find something that comes on a roll

You can find it near the toilet bowl.

11. Here’s the last clue, so please don’t weep!

Look under the place where (child’s name) will sleeps

Thanks for sharing Leah!

How to get your Georgia Driver's License

Au pair Information

How to Obtain a Georgia Driver’s License

In July of 2012 the State of Georgia passed new laws regarding Driver’s License for au pairs. The new law resulted from the federal requirements of the Real ID Act. All non US citizens who are present in the state for more than thirty days are required to obtain a Class C Driver’s License. The exam, including a road’s test will be needed. Please refer to www.dds.ga.gov for a copy of the driver’s manual and access to a practice test.  A program verification letter obtain through the community counselor is also needed.

All locations of the DDS do not offer a first issuance of the license. Check the website to find a location closest to you. All are open Tuesday – Friday 8:00-6:00 and Saturday 8:00 am – 12 noon.

These are the locations close to our cluster that are the least busy. Sandy Springs and Norcross locations are noted to be very busy with long waiting times.

Canton right off 575 behind library- Brown Industrial Parkway, Suite 200 Canton GA. 30114

Cumming 400 Aquatic Circle Cumming GA. 30040

Marietta North Cobb 2800 Canton Rd Piedmont Village Shopping Center Marietta GA. 30066

Class C Driver’s License220

Basic Requirements

  1. Applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Pass Knowledge Exam.
  3. Pass Road Skills Test.
  4. Pass Vision Exam.

Documents Required

  1. Documentation showing your identity, residential address, full social security number ( An au pair must be in the USA for ten days before a SS# can be requested.), and U.S. citizenship or proof of lawful presence in the United States. Click here for more information.

Two forms of proof of residential address are required.


A bank statement with au pair name and the host family address. The statement must be dated the same month that you are getting your license.

A letter from the au pair insurance company with au pair name and the host family address. This could be a bill, an explanation of benefits regarding a claim or other information. The letter must be the same month that you are getting your license.

A verification letter from APIA (Provided by your community counselor)

Proof of lawful presence in the United States:


Visa (check your DS-2019 form and make sure the correct dates are listed. If not, contact your counselor. If you are a second year au pair, your new DS-2019 form will be needed showing your extended dates.)

I-94 card

  1. Any out-of-state driver’s license/permit/ID cards must be surrendered.
    1. If the applicant previously was issued a driver’s license/permit/ID card in another state, and that card has been lost or stolen, the applicant must provide a certified copy of his or her driving record or motor vehicle report from the state that issued the card. The MVR must be dated within the last 30 days. The DDS does not accept uncertified copies printed from websites, but a fax may be sent to the DDS directly from the other state agency.

All documents must be in English. See the Translator List to locate an approved document translation company

For confirmation and more information on obtaining a Georgia Driver’s License please go to www.dds.ga.gov