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Holiday Party with My Au Pairs


Suffolk County au pairs from Au Pair in America had an International Potluck Holiday Party at their counselors home this Sunday, Dec. 11.  Au Pairs prepared favorite dishes from their home countries to share with their friends.

20161211_144848_resized20161211_152825_resizedWe played a game drawing Christmas trees while plates were on our heads, 3 winners got to pick prizes! 

imagejpeg_0-4Community Counselor, Cindy  Garruba, handed out some gifts she prepared for each au pair.





Each au pair brought a wrapped gift for the gift exchange.  A game was played to the story of “A Night Before Christmas” to scramble up who got which gift. 20161211_155002_resized

15338704_1304817629581333_6980585745348250251_nDessert was served, lively conversation and holiday plans were shared.









Au Pair in America & Stony Brook Promenade of Trees

Au Pair in America decorated a tree for the Promenade of Trees in Stony Brook Village.  Host Families and Au Pairs spent a few hours enjoying the wonderful festival in Stony Brook.20161204_135320_resizedThe tree will be on display through the New Year Holiday. Go down and take a look, we are located just to the left of the post office.

20161204_135440_resized 20161204_135429_resized








Santa arrived by horse drawn carriage to listen to the wishes of the kids.  There was some carolers and lots of fun!


Dorothea and her host kids visit with Santa

20161204_135654_resized 20161204_135725_resized

Annual NYC Scavenger Hunt


250 Au Pair in America Au Pairs!

On Sunday October 23rd, 20 Au Pair in America clusters gathered in NYC for the Annual APIA Scavenger Hunt.  Teams left from the NYC Library steps and searched for 3 hours!

Some au pairs won raffle prizes:


When the teams arrived back they were given a candy bar and their points for arrival time.  Community Counselors from APIA checked their lists for items found.


4 winning teams were awarded.  Points were awarded for return time, and the most items found.  Everyone had fun!


First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Fourth Place



Au Pairs learn Safety and Back to School Tips

20160918_152122_resizedOn Sunday, September 18th the Suffolk County Cluster of Au Pairs gathered for a fun and useful cluster meeting.  Each au pair painted a heart ornament for a holiday tree we will decorate in December.  The hearts represented their country or time in the USA.

The craft project gave each au pair a chance to be creative.  She also had time to socialize with other au pairs.  Many of the au pairs arrived during the summer months and this was their first meeting!20160918_134650_resized 20160918_135720_resized Beautiful ornaments will be added to the holiday tree20160918_135733_resized20160919_102112_resizedThen we had a few safety and back to school tips to review:

  • Playground safety
  • Minimizing morning madness
  • The backpack – communication between school and home
  • School bus stop safety
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving tips for all au pairs
  • September is Baby Safety Month and safety was reviewed

We also went over some upcoming great activities for au pairs this fall.  Then everyone enjoyed socializing while having some pumpkin pie and apple cider. 


J-Day Celebrated on Long Island

5e66b7ff-2162-48a6-8b92-355c40cce896Saturday, July 30th Au Pair in America and Camp America J-1 Visa au pairs and camp counselors came together to give back to the local community.  They spent an afternoon cleaning and sorting shoes donated by AIFS staff, host families and campers.  The shoes will be given to charities here on Long Island who help families.  The event took place at Camp Pa Qua Tuck in Center Moriches. 

20160730_132850_resized 20160730_132830_resized 20160730_133303_resized (1) 20160730_132819_resized

287 pairs of shoes were gathered, sorted, cleaned and bagged by the volunteers.  20160730_134649_resized (1) 20160730_150458_resized









Then we had a great lunch together and played some games.  20160730_143348_resized 20160730_140106_resized (1) 20160730_140121_resized (1)




Everyone worked hard, enjoyed the day and earned a certificate from AIFS, the American Institute of Foreign Study.  Check out all the AIFS programs here.  We bring the world together!

20160730_134601_resized (1) 20160730_150636_resized 20160730_143703_resized

J Day is being celebrated all over the USA and Au Pair in America is always happy to give back to the communities we serve.


Happy 4th of July!!

4th-of-July-with-FamiliesThe Fourth of July or Independence Day, July 4th has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution (1775-83). In June 1776, representatives of the 13 colonies then fighting in the revolutionary struggle weighed a resolution that would declare their independence from Great Britain. On July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson. From 1776 until the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with typical festivities ranging from fireworks, parades and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues.

Here are some fun facts about the food you are likely to enjoy while celebrating the 4th of July!

Although there is no fixed menu for the celebration of the Fourth, you can count on traditional favorites such as hamburgers and hot dogs, chicken, ribs, garden salads, potato salad, chips and watermelon.

  • There’s a 1-in-6 chance the beef on your backyard grill came from Texas. The Lone Star State is the leader in the production of cattle and calves.
  • The chicken on your barbecue grill probably came from one of the top broiler-producing states: Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina and Mississippi.
  • The lettuce in your salad or on your hamburger probably was grown in California, which accounts for nearly three-quarters of USA lettuce production.
  • Fresh tomatoes in your salad most likely came from Florida or California, which, combined, produced more than two-thirds of U.S. tomatoes. The ketchup on your hamburger or hot dog probably came from California, which accounts for 95 percent of processed tomato production.
  • As to potato salad or potato chips or fries, Idaho and Washington produces about one-half of the nation’s spuds.
  • For dessert, six states — California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Arizona and Indiana — combined to produce about 80 percent of watermelons last year.
  • And the apples in your apple pie? They most likely came from Washington or New York, the two top apple producing states.

4th of july 002

And for the children, visit this link for fun coloring pages, craft ideas, puzzles and games to celebrate the 4th of July holiday

Water & Summer Safety Cluster Meeting


20160612_144409_resizedThis Sunday, June 12th the Suffolk County Au Pair in America Cluster learned about Water & Summer Safety.  The meeting was held on a deck overlooking the beautiful Long Island Sound.  It was a very windy day, the water was too rough to swim, but the au pairs learned about being safe around the water from their Community Counselor, Cindy Garruba, who was a swim instructor and lifeguard.

20160612_145345_resizedThey also learned about prevention and treatment of sunburn by how to use sunscreen and when to avoid the sun.  Also covered was identifying poison ivy, preventing exposure and what to do if a rash occurs.  We discussed ticks and Lyme disease.  We also discussed playground safety, and basic first aid.

20160612_145356_resizedA former au pair, Nikoleta Todtova, from Slovakia, talked about her time as an au pair, returning home and then returning to the USA with a student visa several years later.  She is currently attending a local college with a 4.0 average!

20160612_154839_resizedCindy presented Alessia  Agistri with a good bye gift and education completion certificate because she is finishing her 2 years as an Au Pair with APIA!

We finished the meeting with local strawberries on shortcake with cream.  Everyone had time to socialize before heading home.

best one

Crepes & Taxes for March Au Pair Cluster Meeting


On Sunday, March 13 the Suffolk Cluster from Au Pair in America met at Crazy Crepe in Mt. Sinai.  Everyone had a crepe and a soft drink or coffee while we reviewed how to fill out their tax returns.  Au Pairs who made more than $4000 in their stipend earnings in 2015 had to pay taxes on what they earned. 


We also had a raffle for wearing their APIA t-shirt, 4 au pairs won gift cards to Starbucks! 

We wished Dayanna a safe return to Mexico after spending 2 years as an au pair in Hampton Bays!  We all enjoyed spending time together and look forward to our next cluster activity, seeing Rock of Ages on Broadway in April!20160313_151605_resized

Cluster Meeting with Trek America


Trek America gave a presentation to the Suffolk County Au Pair in America au pairs on Sunday, Feb 28.  The au pairs learned about the great trips they offer for their vacations and their travel month.  All au pairs who complete their 1 to 2 years in the program successfully can travel for one month in the USA before they return home to their country.  Clayton, a tour guide with Trek America, gave a lively presentation with a great slide show.  He asked and answered questions, too.20160228_145923_resized

After the Trek Presentation, Cindy Garruba, Community  Counselor for Au Pair in America talked about playground and bike safety.  Each quarter the au pairs are taught a safety lesson.

The meeting included a chance for the au pairs to make friends and mingle.  We welcomed new au pairs who just arrived in the USA for a year in America and said good bye to a few going home.

Corrina Moore from South Africa, Cindy Garruba Senior Community Counselor, Kristi Halpern Community Counselor, Karolina Vitt from Germany

Corrina Moore from South Africa, Cindy Garruba Senior Community Counselor, Kristi Halpern Community Counselor, Karolina Vitt from Germany