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Time for Taxes.

Why do we pay taxes? Everyone pays taxes – they can be in the form of sales taxes (on clothes, gasoline, food in restaurants, to name few) and income taxes. Tax dollars are used to keep many services running that all citizens need. They also pay for Social Security, health care, national defense and social programs such as food stamps and public housing.

As a temporary member of the community of the USA, au pairs are potentially required to pay income taxes. They use the 1080-EZ NR form (for non-residents).

Tax Information for Au Pairs



We have been talking about taxes a lot lately and there have been lots of questions. I will continue going over tax questions each month at our Coffee Meetings. 


Here are some of the basic questions:

Who is supposed to file taxes? – All au pairs (even those who don’t owe money)

Will all au pairs have to pay something? – No, it depends on when you arrived and how much money you earned last year.

When are 2010 taxes due? – April 18, 2011

Where can I get the tax form? –  1040NR-EZ Form

Where can I get the instruction booklet?1040NR-EZ Booklet

Where can I get detailed information and see a sample au pair tax form?APIA Tax Info for Au Pairs