Play Post Office
In 1792 the first postal service was created in the United States. Preschool and young elementary age children will love to create their own post office at home. You need envelopes (you can use new ones or save the return envelopes from junk mail), a rubber stamp and inkpad, stickers and some paper. Children can write a note or draw a picture to put in the envelope. They can use the stickers as stamps and the rubber stamp to make the “postmark.” They can deliver the mail to bedrooms or you can create mailboxes by stacking a few empty shoeboxes on their sides.

Play School

Young children love to play school. You can take turns being the teacher. Read a book out loud in front of the ‘class.’ Children who can’t yet read the words still like to ‘read’ to others. If you have a small chalkboard or white board you can put assignments or lessons on the board. Paper and pencils are important for the work that needs to be done, but don’t forget to have recess!

Treasure Hunt!
Pretend you are all on a desert island looking for treasure. Make a map or place clues around the house leading the children through the hunt. This can be done with pictures for non-readers – draw a picture of the television, then at the television place a picture of the stove. At the stove place a picture of a bed, and so on to the end. The “treasure” can be a treat to eat, or a new game to play.   Read books about pirates to add to the fun.


Visit a Greenhouse today Find a local greenhouse to visit. Let the plants and flowers brighten your day.


Build a playhouse day Find a box from a large appliance and turn it into a playhouse to use indoors. Cut windows and a door. Furnish it and decorate it as you wish.

Camp Au Pair – Summer Olympics

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Welcome to Camp Au Pair in America!

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Social Distancing: Free Virtual Escape Rooms

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Focus on Play: New Ideas for Some Classic Toys

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