Keep Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

Keep Healthy This Cold and Flu Season!

Here are a few tips that are helpful in keeping yourself and your host children healthy this winter season.


1. Wash your hands often and thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Say your abc song to make sure you are washing long enough!

2. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Make a habit of never touching your face.

3. Don’t leave your used tissues lying around. Wash your hands after throwing them away. 14424787-woman-with-tissue-and-spray-feels-unwell-with-flu-isolated-on-white

4. Routinely disinfect shared objects at home. Don’t forget the keyboard of computers and the TV remote. Door knobs and stair rails are places to clean as well.

5. Consider getting a flu shot. It is a myth that the shot will make you sick.  The flu shot can prevent most flu infections.

6. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue on the inside of your arm when you sneeze or cough. Flu germs can travel up to 20 feet very quickly.  11369430-close-up-of-a-man-stifling-a-sneeze-in-his-elbow

7. If you are sick avoid going to crowded places and keep your distance from family members.

8. Get enough rest. Don’t be tempted to stay out late with friends. Let your body have a chance to heal.

9. If a fever last more than three days, see a doctor.

10. Keep cool air circulating and surfaces dry. Germs like moist, warm environments.

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