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New ESL Program Just For Au pairs!

English For Internationals has a new ESL program especially made for those with a high level of English skill. If you speak English well, but want to perfect your skill, consider this class in Roswell or the Lawrenceville campus.  These classes will also offer information about American culture.The class will offer four weekend trips that are sure to be fun! Call for more details.Call 770-587-9640 (Roswell) 678-407-8037 (Lawrenceville)

Registration Deadline!           February 25th

Au Pair Program                                    

Au Pair Program Roswell
Dates March 4 – May 1
Days Mondays & Wednesdays
Times 7:30pm – 9:30pm
CEUs or Credit Hours 3 CEUs/36 Credit Hours
Tuition $400

  770-587-9640           575 Colonial Park Drive          Roswell, GA  30075    

 Course Description: The class has an academic focus and includes short-term modules covering a variety of topics during the eight weeks.  Students will practice conversing in complex dialogue and reading and writing at an advanced level. 

Excursions will provide additional educational opportunities.  

   Extras: Free Registration (worth $10) – Please be sure to tell us you are an Au Pair! Excursions – 4 during the term (2 evenings instead of in-class learning and 2 on Saturday morning or afternoon) Cost not included in tuition.

$50 EFI Bucks – Each student who finishes the program will receive a $50 credit to use toward tuition of the following term.

 Free Parking   Tell your friends!                    A minimum of 6 students will be required to hold the class.  

Registration Deadline!           February 25th  

 Accredited?                            Yes!  English for Internationals is nationally accredited by ACCET.  

 Questions?                              Call 770-587-9640 (Roswell) 678-407-8037 (Lawrenceville)

Make A Homemade Valentine’s Day Card For Your Host Family.

Hap Val day


February 14 – Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is a time of love, friendship, giving, and caring. Americans use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to tell friends and family how much they care.  Children usually exchange cards at school with classmates and with family.  Host parent’s love homemade cards from children and au pairs! Children really enjoy valentine crafts and projects.

homemade cardhomemade card    Follow this link for lots of fun Valentine’s activities for children of all ages.

Are you thinking about extending your au pair experience?

Extension Year Tips

Choosing to extend is a great choice! It does require some planning and thought before you decide. These facts will be helpful in your decision making process. Call or email your counselor, if you need help making the right choice.

  • You must have at least 72 hours of education completed at the time of your request to extend. If you are currently enrolled in a class that will finish, you’ll need two letters sent to your CC from the institution in which you are enrolled.  One letter must confirm that you are enrolled and the hours you will get. The second letter is written when you finish the course and should state how many hours you earned.
  • If you extend for 12 months, APIA will pay for your flight back home, including any surcharge that you may have. This makes your flight back home FREE!
  • You have a choice to extend for 6, 9 or 12 months.
  • You cannot extend your second year, once it begins. If you choose six months, you cannot stay longer.
  • You may change your mind during your second term and still receive your flight back home, if you give your host family and CC at least one month’s notice.
  • If you are not able to give at least one months notice that you need to leave, you will be required to purchase your own flight home to your country.
  • If you leave early in the second term, you will lose your travel month. You will be expected to return home at the end of your one month notice.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get matched for your second year. Many au pairs do not make a match and return home.
  • Once you are matched with a second term family, you cannot change your mind and choose another family that calls later. You must honor your commitment.
  • Deciding to stay with your current family can work well. Sometimes, there are some things that you will want to change about your second year experience. Talk with your host family to see if they are willing to make the changes you need to stay a second term!
  • Many au pairs underestimate the difficulty getting re-adjusted in a new city. You will not have friends. You will not know your way around. Your host family will be new to you. Your host children will be new. All the comfort of your current situation will be gone. You will be starting over!
  • A second term in a new city can be exciting. You will have an opportunity to make new friends, see a new city and learn another way of life here in the USA!
  • The education requirement still applies in the second year. Standard au pairs will have 250.00 education allowance towards a six month extension. You will need to achieve 40 hours of educating.   500.00 education allowance is given towards a nine and twelve month extension. You will need to achieve at least 72 hours of education.
  • Your transfer to your new second term family is on the last day of your contract. You may not join them earlier or later than this date.

Written by AMCMAINS 2011.

Social Security Card Information for AuPairs

Social Security Card Information for Au Pairs

 The SS offices are beginning to get back to business!  

The SS website states that all visitors should not have been out of the USA within the last 5 days. Please wait five days and then go in person to the closest office – Norcross or Kennesaw. 

An Au Pair must wait five days after her entry to the USA before she can request an SS#. You must print out your I-94 card before you can go. Refer to the resource page for “How to Print your I-94 card”.

The Social Security Card Application form can be printed and filled out, or you can wait until you get one at your local social security office. After filling out the form, you must bring it to your local Social Security Office to apply for a Social Security card. It cannot be submitted on-line.  Please be sure to bring all of your paperwork with you to the Social Security Office. These procedures are outlined in the Social Security Administration policy manual (POM) section RM 00203.480.C.1. When filling out the application, there will be a section that asked what type of visa you have; Be careful to check that you are here with a J-1 visa. There isn’t a listing for Au pair so that means that you will indicate that you are an “other”. You are not a student.

These documents are needed: 

1) Passport
2) I-94 Card ( Must print our your card
3) SEVIS DS-2019                                                                                                                                             4) Participation letter from APIA. This can be downloaded from your APIA Au Pair portal in order to have the current date on it. The one you have does not have a date on it.

Check with the SS locator link to find out which location you will need to call to make an appointment. The locations are now designated by your zip code for an in-person appointment due to COVID.

  1. Kennesaw Office:  Address: 200 Chastain center Blvd Suite 250 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Phone- 1-866-964-4690
  2. Marietta office:  This office was closed during the pandemic for in person visit. 1415 Franklin Gtwy SE, Marietta, GA 30067  1-877-803-6320. This office is located near the corner of Franklin Gateway Se And Cobb Parkway, Behind Pep Boys.
  3. Norcross office  4365 Shackleford Road Norcross, GA 30093. 1-877-803-6320. Office hours are 8:30-3:30 M-F.
  4. Gainesville Office: 2565 Thompson Bridge Rd, Gainesville, GA 30501  This office is located in the Rubicon office complex suite 210.  Office hours are 8:30 am until 3:30pm M-F.  (866) 331-2309

It is best to plan on arriving at the Social Security office early before it opens. This will help to avoid a long wait. The office will be closed on any federal holiday. Social Security Office Locator:

The Social Security Administration will mail the card. It generally takes 7-10 days. The Au pair will receive a letter stating that an SS# has been requested. This can be helpful in getting a bank account. Save all mailed documentation from the SS office. This will be used to prove residency for the driving license.


Super Bowl Sunday Fun For Au pairs and Host Kids!

The Super Bowl football game is truly a USA cultural event! Many families will host Superbowl parties with lots of good food to eat. Even if you don’t go to a party you’ll want to watch the game. The commercials will be the topic of conversation for many Americans next week!



  • There is a simple explanation of American Football for au pairs on the APIA website:
  • Even if football is not something you enjoy, the commercials are amazing! Advertisers pay about $30 million dollars for a 30 second commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl, so expect great commercials! People will be talking about the commercials as much as the game!
  • Great entertainment during halftime! This year Beyonce is the featured act!

 Football Fun with Kids


Before putting anything on the walls, ask your host family if it OK!!

Wall Football – Football version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey


· Poster board

· Brown card stock or construction paper

· White marker

· Poster tacks

· Blindfold


  1. For the game pieces, first create a goal post from two-inch-wide strips of poster board. (The uprights and the crossbar are each 20 inches long, and the post is 6 inches tall.) We attached ours to the wall using poster tack.
  2. For the footballs, cut 5-inch-long shapes out of brown card stock. We found some in the scrapbook aisle of our craft store that looks like football leather. Use a white opaque paint marker to decorate and add players’ names to the footballs. Put a blob of poster tack on the back of each one.
  3. Players line up about six feet away from the goal. One at a time, each player is blindfolded, spun around three times by another person, and set loose to try to stick their football between the uprights. (No reaching out your empty hand to feel the wall.) Play several rounds with 3 points awarded for each field goal. Highest score wins.