A Treasure Hunt For Your Host Kids

A Treasure Hunt For Your Host Kids

Leah Abernethy, a former Au pair, shared a great game to put together for your host kids. This looks fun for you and the children!  Thanks for sharing Leah!


Leah wrote:

About a month ago I started putting together a treasure hunt with rhyming clues for the kids. The kids really loved it! For the treasure at the end I just went to the Dollar Tree and spent $15 ($5 a child) on small toys and a few candies.

You could also bake something or maybe rearrange the clues so the

last clue leads to the car and then you could take the kids out for ice cream.



Sincerely,   Leah Abernethy


You’ve just finished school and it’s been a long day

I’m sure you just want some electronics to play.

But I have a better idea; just wait till you hear,

There are 10 clues for a treasure hunt near.

You must work together to solve all these clues

And then you will find a small treasure for you!

Please take turns and everyone try

Also walk slowly so you don’t fall and cry

1.The first clue is easy; I suppose
it’s found where you wash your dirty clothes

2. Slide and swings and monkey bars
the next clue is where these things are.

3.. When (child’s name) is dirty, it is quite easily seen!

So he’ll (she’ll) enter this room to get thoroughly clean.

4. This clue is difficult to read, but never fear

Simply hold this paper up in a mirror

(Write a word written backwards here)

5. My wrinkly skin is like a dog talking

I am long-lived, but you won’t catch me walking

6. The next clue, if you are hasty
is where we store all things tasty

7. The next clue, if you go look
is where (child’s name) goes to find a good book

8. And now for the next clue that you seek
it’s on something with four wheels that goes beep

9. Some visitors pause here and strangers announce their reason.

Things that decorate me can indicate the season.

10. Find something that comes on a roll

You can find it near the toilet bowl.

11. Here’s the last clue, so please don’t weep!

Look under the place where (child’s name) will sleeps

Thanks for sharing Leah!

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