Tips for Travel Outside the USA with your Au Pair.

* Second year Au pairs should not travel outside the USA.

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Au Pairs Traveling outside the United States
Any au pair who is planning to travel outside of the United States ( with her host family or on her on) during her program term must do three things before travel.
1. Make sure she checks with the embassy or consulate of the country being visited  to find out if an additional visa is required.
 2. It is also important that she checks the status of her J1 visa in her passport and the date of expiration. No travel less than two weeks before the end of the visa.
  3. She must have her DS2019 signed by a member of staff in the Stamford office and returned before she departs for her trip.  It must be an original signature for validation.  The DS2019 should be mailed at least three weeks prior to the departure date for the trip.  It should be mailed with the travel validation request form which can be found here:  and a return self addressed stamped envelope and a check for $15 if the au pair wants it to be returned by 2 day UPS delivery. Once this is signed, it is good for the year. Should an Au Pair extend, her new DS2019 would be need to be signed again for the new term.
  •   The consulates and additional info for travel to Mexico and Canada can be found on the APIA website.
  • If you are planning to travel with your Au Pair or you know that your Au Pair is traveling on her own, please email your Community Counselor with your travel dates, She can provide  a travel letter which can be helpful.
  • Au pair’s documents should be held in the hotel safe or other safe place. If lost, the Au Pair would have to return home to her country and obtain replacement  documents before she could re-enter  the USA.

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