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UCLA Online Course is available for Au pairs with Au Pair In America

American Studies Online
American Studies Online is a 19-week online course offered by
UCLA Extension that is part self-paced, part instructor-led. The
course is offered through a customized, media-rich computerbased
classroom that participants will access to read lessons,
write, share resources, network with one another and collaborate
on special projects- all designed to further their understanding of
U.S. culture. Topics include U.S. history, arts in the U.S., U.S. literature,
career counseling, and optional English language exercises.
Participants who successfully complete the program receive 6
academic units and earn a certificate of completion from UCLA
Extension. Participants also will have access to a UCLA Extension
transcript if they would like to apply their coursework to a degree
program at another college or university.
Community Involvement
The community involvement component of APIA Advantage is
comprised of Global Awareness, volunteering, and cultural and
historical activities. Au pairs will relate these experiences to their
academic coursework in American Studies Online. The community
involvement requirements must be complete by the end of the 19-
week online course.
Global Awareness
Global Awareness is a program designed to bring multi-cultural
understanding and appreciation to pre-school, elementary and
middle school children. Global Awareness enables au pairs to
visit children in different settings in their community to share
their culture, customs and language. As part of APIA Advantage,
a minimum of one Global
Awareness presentation is
Volunteering is a great way for au pairs to connect with Americans
in the communities where they live and gain valuable experience
for the future. When choosing volunteer opportunities,
au pairs should take into consideration what will fit with their
schedule. Some may choose to participate in one long-term volunteer
opportunity while others might choose various short-term
Au pairs can volunteer at any location that is of interest to them.
Some possibilities are soup kitchens, libraries, nursing homes,
food banks, religious organizations, hospitals, fairs, recreation
centers and museums.
Historical and Cultural Activities
An essential part of gaining knowledge and appreciation for
America is learning about its history and culture, making it an
important component of APIA Advantage. Au pairs can visit historical
sites in their local area or while traveling in the U.S. These
might be museums, monuments, battlefields, national parks, etc.
Additionally, au pairs must take part in activities related to American
culture. There are many great cultural activities for au pairs to
experience either on their own, with friends or their host families.
Examples include attending a baseball game, trying traditional
American foods, learning an American style of dance and taking
part in holiday traditions.
How to Enroll:
An Educational Partnership with UCLA
APIA Advantage: An Educational Partnership with UCLA
is exclusive to Au Pair in America.
1 High Ridge Park H Stamford, CT 06905
APIA Advantage
UCLA Extension
APIA Advantage includes American Studies Online, an academic program offered by UCLA Extension,
as well as a community involvement component developed and monitored by Au Pair in America.