Tie Dying is fun for groovy Au pairs! 

 Tie Dying is fun for groovy Au pairs!

 This is a very fun activity to share with your preschool and up age host children, just remember to wear gloves. This is best done outside. PRO TIP : The dye will change the color of anything it touches, even skin so use caution! 

  1. All items must be made of 100% cotton. Check the label and confirm 100% cotton. You can use worn items that have a stain or need a new life! Pale colors can be tie-dyed if you choose coordinating colors. Pillowcases, t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags- All great choices!
  2. Wash your item before tie-dying it. The item can be wet or dry for the dye.
  3. Check out this web site for details about creating specific patterns on your garment. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/293226625713649961/?autologin=true&lp=true 
  4. Make a place to tie dye– A  table with a plastic table cloth or large trash bag works great. Lay a couple of paper towels directly under the item to absorb the run off dye.
  5. Make your pattern by folding, twisting, or wrapping the item and rubber band it together very tightly. Use a lot of rubber bands.  Remember that inside the folds will be left white.
  6. Use two or three coordinating colors for the best results. If you use more colors it will bleed together and make a brown color.  Wear plastic gloves or you will be tie-dyed too!
  7. Place in a zip lock bag and leave for 24 hours.
  8. Take out of the bag ( wearing plastic gloves) and lay in the grass or hang in some way off the ground and wash off the excess dye with a garden hose. The dye will change the color of most porous hard surfaces- like driveways, so grass is best.
  9. Wash the item by itself once using cold water. After one or two times of wearing and washing by itself,  you can wash along with other clothes. The item will not bleed onto other clothes.
  10.  Enjoy your creation for years to come!   * For our projects we used Tulip brand tie-dye kits  that can be found at many retail stores or on-line.

Here are a few of the Au Pair projects!

Tie dyeIMG_4142 IMG_4144 IMG_9486 IMG_9489imagejpeg_0IMG_4145

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