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Maryland Driver’s License Process

Note: German & French Au Pairs are not required to take the written or driving tests. They do need to complete the drug & alcohol class, document verification and pass a vision test at the MVA. They will then trade their country license for a Maryland driver’s license. Upon return to home country, they will trade their Maryland license for a new country license. 

Step 1 – Start Gathering Two Proof of Residency Documents

  • Item #1 – Social Security Card Envelope & Contents*
  • Item #2 – Bank Statement
    • Open a bank account.
    • Print bank statement online.

*If you rematched or extended and your social security card envelope shows your previous address, you will need to do a USPS Change of Address and use confirmation letter that comes in the mail for proof of residency.

Step 2  – Make Your Appointment – You may need to make your appointment before you have all of your documents together, because the wait time for appointments can be 1-3 months.

  • Go to the Central Scheduling System. Under Schedule My Service, select New to MD-Driver’s License Only.
  • Complete the document checklist. See the screenshot below for which items to select.












  • Print your checklist (to take with you to your appointment).
  • Click the box that says To Schedule an Appointment.
  • Enter your zip code and select a location to make your appointment.

Step 3 – Complete 3 Hour Drug & Alcohol Course

Step 4 – Prepare for Maryland Driver’s Law Test

Step 5 – Go to MVA to take your Driver’s Law Test

  • Bring your printed out checklist and your documents: passport, country license, international driver’s permit, DS2019, I-94, social security card, two proof of residency items and drug & alcohol program certificate.
  • Once you pass the law test, you will be directed to schedule the driving test appointment.

Step 6 – Prepare for your Maryland Road Test

  • Review this document and practice these skills before going for your test.

Step 7 – Go to MVA to take your Road Test

  • Bring paperwork you were given when you passed your law test.
  • Your car must have at least 1/2 tank of gasoline, no maintenance lights should be on (check engine light, etc) and you will need to show proof of registration and insurance.