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  2. Second Passport

    What are the major reasons to get a Second Passport Now?
    Why people get a second passport for family?
    People come up with this question so many times in their life that what are the reasons to get a second passport or dual citizenship. The question is very valid as an evaluation of such a huge life decision should be done prior to finalizing anything. People who have resources and feel interested to invest in real estate or to make a donation to the government funds to get a second passport are curious about the benefits of having it.
    Being a citizen of Pakistan which only allows you visa-free access to hardly 30 countries. You can only imagine the idea of global mobility. Also, there are countries like Pakistan and many others that are still developing their economies. Political unrest is another reason why people don’t feel safe here. There are many other factors which make people lose their interest to live in a country. As you cannot abandon your birth nationality due to an emotional connection with it. You still have the option to get a second passport and enjoy the perks of both citizenships at a time for life.
    There are countless reasons to get a second passport and in this blog, we are focusing on the 7 major reasons which are enough to make you understand the value of a second passport. Amid this Corona Virus outbreak, people are more inclined towards getting second citizenship in order to secure their family’s future. As COVID’19 has affected everyone personally and professionally, this is high time to make a decision for the lifelong betterment of your family.

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