Summer Au Pairs

From time to time, I receive inquiries about a Summer Au Pair Program. So, why don’t we offer a summer au pair program? Here are the main reasons.

#1 Cost Compared to Standard Au Pairs

Agencies that offer summer only au pairs have an average weekly cost of $365-$390 per week. That is $30-$55 more than our standard au pairs. Over the course of the summer, that is $480-$770 more.

#2 Building a Relationship

When an au pair arrives, you spend time getting to know her, showing her how you do things in your family, getting her settled in and helping her registering for classes. It makes more sense to invest that time and energy into someone who will be with you for 12 months or even 24 months (with the extension program option.)

#3 Year Round Value

Most families who use an au pair for summer childcare, use another form of childcare during the rest of the school year, such as before and after school care. Before and after school care costs an average of $100-175 per week, per child.

A family with two kids in school might be spending:

Before and after care $200-350

Occasional babysitting $50-100

Total $250-450 per week, per family

If the same family applied to the Au Pair in America program, they would be spending:

45 hours of flexible childcare $335 per week, per family

30 hours of flexible childcare $264 per week, per family*

*EduCare is available for school aged children and limited to certain geographic areas.

#4 Year Round Convenience

Benefits of Au Pair versus Before/After Care:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Care for your children on sick days and school holidays
  • Children being cared for in your own home – no more rush to drop off and pick up
  • Au Pair can drive your children to extracurricular activities
  • Au Pair can help with childcare related housekeeping and childrens laundry
  • Enrichment of language and culture

That’s why I think that families who are considering summer only au pairs may want to look into the full year program.

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