Time to Apply for Summer EduCare Arrivals

If you are interested in a EduCare Companion for a summer arrival, now is a good time to apply.

EduCare in America – 30 hours of child care for approximately $264 per family, per week. This cost-effective program is the choice for families with full-time school-age children who require care primarily during the early morning and after school hours, with some weekend and evening hours.

To consider EduCare:

  • You must live in one of the designated EduCare Communities
  • You must have children in full-time school
  • You must be able to work with 30 hours a week (year round)
  • You must understand that their education allowance is $1000/yr
  • You must be able to work with the EduCare arrival schedule

2009 EduCare Arrival Dates

  • Tuesday, July 7
  • Monday, July 27
  • Monday, August 3
  • Monday, August 17
  • Monday, December 7

Here are some profiles of EduCare Companions looking for summer arrivals.

If you have questions about EduCare, post them here in the comments section.

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