Happy 100th Birthday to Boy Scouts of America

I wanted to mention this event since the Boy Scouts of America started from an idea in Great Britain and today there are scouts in countries all over the world.  It seems to be a concept that is pretty universal.

Au pairs from our cluster have shared their languages and cultures by participating in numerous Global Awareness presentations with local Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.


The Boy Scouts of America – one hundred years young and still going strong! Celebrate the adventure and continue the journey as Scouting launches its Centennial year.

While walking the misty streets of London in 1909, American businessman William Boyce lost his way. A boy offered to guide him to his destination. Boyce wanted to pay him, but the boy explained that he was a Scout, and that Scouts do not accept money for doing good turns.

Eager to learn more, Mr. Boyce met with Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scout movement in Great Britain. Boyce knew that boys back home would like the idea, so he brought Scouting to the United States. Papers incorporating the Boy Scouts of America were signed on February 8, 1910 – the date celebrated as the official birthday of the BSA.

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