Traveling to New York City on an Au Pair Budget

hostel map

From the Washington Post website, click image to read the article

I came across a great article in the Sunday Washington Post travel section about hostels in New York City. NYC is famous for a lot of things and expensive hotel rooms is one of them. Hostels have long been a popular lodging option for au pairs. This article reviews several of the hostels in NYC. Check it out here.

Check on the lower right side of my blog for travel links for au pairs. You will find links for some of the bus companies that travel between the DC area and NYC. With one of those and a youth hostel, you can put together an inexpensive weekend getaway to experience NYC.

If you are planning a trip to NYC or anywhere else, I recommend you sign up for Groupon and Living Social. You can receive daily deals for the cities of your choice. They also have Groupon & Living Social apps for your mobile phone and iPod.

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