Getting Outfitted for Snow Tubing


Our  snow tubing trip is just over a week away. Now is the time to buy your snow clothes, if you don’t already have some.  If you wait too late in the snow season, it can be hard to find some of these items.

Here are some detailed instructions on the  Liberty Mountain website. But, below is a list of the basic outerwear you want to have to stay dry and warm.

For Skiing/Snowboarding/Snow tubing

  • Waterproof Snow Pants
  • Gloves, hat, scarf and jacket (which you should already have)
  • Waterproof Boots (for snow tubing)

Snow pants can be found at places like Sports Authority, Dick’s, Modell’s, REI and Bass Pro Shop as well as online retailers.  You can usually find an adult pair for $25-$40.  Many of you (au pairs in my cluster) are small enough that you could buy a pair of XL snow pants in the boy’s department.  Those will cost you less and can sometimes be found at places like Target, KMart and WalMart for $15-$25.

If you don’t have waterproof snow pants to wear, I suggest you bring an extra pair of pants. Your pants will get wet while snow tubing. You will have a more comfortable ride home if you have dry clothes to wear.


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