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How Does Your Garden Grow?

In the April kids activity kits, I included peat pots, potting soil and sunflower seeds. At the last coffee meeting, I received many reports of how well the sunflowers were growing and how excited the kids were to watch them grow. Tina was kind enough to send me some pictures she has taken to document the process of growing the sunflowers with her host child.

sunflower 1        sunflower 2

sunflower 3         sunflower 4

Have you ever heard the figure of speech “to have a green thumb?”  It means to have the ability to grow plants well. I personally do not have a green thumb, but it looks like some of our au pairs and host children do.

As these sunflowers get bigger, it will be time to move them to a larger pot or outside. It would be great if some of these survived the summer and you were able to harvest some sunflower seeds in the fall. If your sunflowers make it through the summer, please send me a picture!