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Water Safety Tips for Children

When hot summer weather hits, the pool and beach are popular places to cool off. Here are some tips for host parents and au pairs to keep everyone safe when supervising children around water.

Water Safety Tips

  • Never leave a child unattended near water.
  • Drowning is silent; keep your eyes on the children at all times.
  • If in the pool with a young child, never be more than an arm’s length away.
  • Make sure the fence around the pool is closed properly.
  • If you have an above-ground pool, remove the ladder when not in use.
  • Swim at the beach or lake only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Children over 4 years old should learn how to swim.
  • Designate a specific person to watch the children.
  • If boating, always wear a Coast-Guard approved life jacket.
  • Keep a phone close by in case there is an emergency.
  • If you leave the area for any reason, the kids go with you.
  • Consider taking a water safety course.

Here is a video with info on how to spot when someone is in trouble in the water.




Maryland Crab Feast Cluster Meeting

photo2We had a crab feast/pool party cluster meeting at Whitehall Pool in Bowie on August 10.  This was Lisa Maxwell’s first official cluster meeting as community counselor. We had au pairs in attendance from nine different countries: Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, South Africa, France, Thailand, Mexico, Panama & Costa Rica.  It was the first time any of these au pairs had ever tried eating crabs.

We also played a game called “Do you know Maryland?” I tried to stump them with questions about all things Maryland including: Annapolis, the Orioles, the Ravens, Edgar Allen Poe, the Chesapeake Bay and that Baltimore term of endearment, “‘hon.”

Their reviews on the crabs were mixed.  A few enjoyed them, but several were completely grossed out. We had a lot of fun!