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Options for those Last Few Education Hours

3324251659_c5b4e7da64How many total classroom hours do you need?

  • Standard au pairs must complete 72 hours or 6 credits or 7.2 CEUs.
  • Educare companions must complete 144 hours or 12 credits or 14.4 CEUs.

Certain combinations of classes can leave you just a few hours short of the requirement.

Here are several options for completing those last few hours. Prices listed are correct as of February 10, 2017 and are subject to change. Consult the university websites for full information.

Virginia International University Saturday Museum Classes
5 hours (.5 CEUs) for $40 (+$20 reg. fee)
Held almost every Saturday morning (10:30am) in DC. Metro accessible locations.
Students will spend a day at a different museum each week and participate in an interactive, themed museum tour facilitated by an ESL instructors.

University of Virgin Islands Experience America through Art Galleries & Museums
5 hours (.5 CEUs) for $40
Held once per month on a Saturday (10 am or 1:30pm) in DC. Metro accessible locations.
Students self guide through a local museum over a 3 hour period and complete an outside assignment. The assignment is creating a detailed pictorial report of the visit, due within 7 days of the course.

University of Virgin Islands Fitness Fridays
2 hours (.2 CEUs) for $20
Held once per month on a Friday evening (8 pm) in DC. Metro accessible location.
A fitness class where students will stretch, move and exercise. Register early, space is limited.

Local Community Colleges
Check on our Resource Page under Education Options for links to local community colleges. In the Non-Credit or Continuing Education Catalogs, they will have a variety of small courses in a variety of subjects.

Photo: Ian Lee (Flickr)

Visiting Baltimore By Train

10411339_10153114939569057_3095843383184004578_nWe recently had a cluster meeting in Baltimore. It was the first time I have taken the MARC train to Baltimore on the weekend and it was very convenient. Here is some information on how you can enjoy visiting Baltimore via public transportation. Prices and info are accurate as of June 13, 2014. Please check links to verify prices and schedules before you go.

Getting from DC to Baltimore
The MARC Train Penn Line runs from Union Station (DC) to Baltimore Penn Station. Cost for a one way ticket ($5-7.) Considering cost of gas and parking in the city, if you drive, makes the train a pretty good deal.

View the schedules here –> Weekend Penn Line & Weekday Penn Line

On Saturdays, there are currently running 9 trains from about 9 am (1st train northbound from DC) to about 9:00 pm (last train southbound from Baltimore.)  On Sundays, there are currently running 9 trains from about 10 am (1st train northbound from DC) to about 5:00 pm (last train southbound from Baltimore.) It is very important to be sure of the time of the final train back from Baltimore to DC.

On Weekdays, the MARC Penn Line runs from about 6 am (1st train northbound from DC) to about 9:15 pm (last train southbound from Baltimore.)

In our cluster area, here are your options:

  1. Take the Metro Red Line to Union Station and get on the MARC Penn Line there.
  2. Take the Metro Orange Line to New Carrollton and get on the MARC Penn Line there.
  3. Drive or take a bus to Bowie State Station (off Rt 197) and get on the MARC Penn Line there.

Free Way to Get Around Baltimore

Baltimore offers a FREE Charm City Circulator service that features 4 shuttle bus lines and 1 water taxi line. The shuttle buses run about every 10 minutes. Visit the website here to view the maps: Charm City Circulator

To visit the Inner Harbor take the Purple Line from Baltimore Penn Station to stop #302 – S. Calvert St. & W. Pratt St.