Where to Get Your Flu Shot

Many au pairs and host families are looking for places to get flu shots this time of year. Au Pair insurance does not cover immunizations, but there are lots of places to get flu shots for $35 or less.  If the host family is insisting that an au pair get a seasonal flu shot and she agrees to get it, the host family would be responsible for the expense.

If you are planning to get the seasonal flu vaccine, it is recommended that you get it as early as possible.

Anne Arundel County Health Department – Free, walk-in at advertised Flu Shot Clinics

Montgomery County Health Department – Free, by appointment at advertised Flu Shot Clinics 

Prince George’s County – Free, walk-in at advertised Flu Shot Clinics

I have been told that Kaiser Permanente is offering free flu shots as well.

Flu shots are also available for a fee at pharmacies such as Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.

Photo: Jen Vargas

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