Education Update 2021

Updated Aug 10, 2021Due to COVID-19, Au Pair in America has temporarily given approval for online/virtual classes, with a few conditions. Au pairs must still produce certificates or other acceptable documentation confirming the completion of the class. Classes must be offered by an accredited U.S. college, university or other post-secondary school and completed by 9/30/21. As of right now, the expectation is that after September, au pairs will resume in-person classes. This is always subject to change, depending on COVID numbers and whether local schools are offering in-person classes. If you have any concerns about in person classes, please contact Christine or Lisa.

If in doubt, ask your counselor to check if the school is accredited. All class hours must be completed by the end of your 11th month in the program if you wish to extend.

Online Class Websites – These platforms will list online courses all over the country. These courses come from a variety of sources and some are not accredited. You must be sure you are selecting a course that is from an accredited university.

*This class would be great for au pairs who have already taken or plan to take a PGCC Transition ESL class when things go back to normal. Those classes usually earn 50-60 hours, so this could be enough to complete your education requirement, in combination with one of those classes.

Photo: Nenad Stojkovic

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