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The Au Pair Education Requirement

Au pairs are required to complete 6 credits or 8 CEUs or 72 or more hours.

EduCare Companions are required to complete 12 credits or 16 CEUs or 144 or more hours.

You may take credit or non-credit classes from an accredited college. Look on the right side of this page under “Education Options” for accredited schools in our cluster area. If you want to take a class at a school not listed here on my blog, please check with me first to make sure it is accredited. Otherwise, it would not count toward your education requirement.

Your host family will pay an education allowance to assist you in completing your education requirement. Au Pairs education allowance – $500, EduCare education allowance – $1000

There are ways to get your credits for just your education allowance, but it will not give you a lot of choices. Normally au pairs will contribute some of their own money ($200+) towards their education.

The APIA Advantage UCLA Course is the only State Dept. approved class with an online component. No other online classes are accepted.

Note: Au pairs should only take one weekend course for their education requirement. Using only weekend courses to meet your education requirement could result in the denial of your extension application (should you decide to extend.)

UCLA Au Pair in America Advantage Course

Time is running out to register for the Spring Session of the APIA Advantage Course through UCLA.  The class begins is March 28.ucla


This class is a great option for:

  • Serious students who want to master a university level class and earn credits from a major US university.
  • Those who are curious about the events that have shaped culture and history, and who would like a taste of the part women have played in US history.
  • Those who want to get involved and be a part of the community where they live.
  • Self-starters who will make the most of a more flexible, independent style of learning.

Looking for ways to satisfy your education requirement?  Have you thought about the APIA Advantage program?  By taking this course, you can complete your education for just $500 (or half of the requirement for EduCare) and learn so much about America and the community where you live.  The next session will run from March 28 until August 1,  2011. There’s still time to enroll. Register at www.uclaextension.edu/aupairs

Education Requirement

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Au Pairs need to complete:
6 credits or 8 CEUs or 72 classroom hours
Host family will pay $500 education allowance.

Educare Companions need to complete:
12 credits or 16 CEUs or 144 classroom hours
Host family will pay $1000 education allowance.

  • Au pairs should budget at least $200 ($400 Educare) of her own money to complete her education.
  • You must complete your educational requirement to be eligible to extend and to receive your completion bonus (if applicable.)
  • For each class completed, you need to turn in a certificate, transcript or letter from the college stating how many credits you received, course name, and dates of the class.
  • Classes must be taken at an accredited institution.
  • Check the links under Education Options on the right side of this page,  for the most current list of colleges and weekend courses and their links.

Community Colleges for Each County:
Anne Arundel Community College
Montgomery College
Prince George’s Community College

Additional Options, if you Have Access to Metro:
LADO College
International Language Institute
Georgetown Continuing Education

Weekend/Distance Learning Options:
Sojourner-Douglass Au Pair Weekend
Borough of Manhattan College
UCLA Au Pair in America Advantage Course