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Travel Outside the US

NOTE: Before planning any international travel, look at your visa (inside your passport). Check the expiration date printed on your actual visa. This printed expiration date is sometimes earlier than your actual end date. You must return from out-of-country travel 30 days before your Year-1 visa expires.

Traveling Outside of the US

Travel Validation is Required to Re-enter the U.S. – Complete the Travel Validation Request Form below to obtain APIA’s signature on your DS-2019 before traveling outside of the U.S.

Note: The travel validation ensures that you are in good standing with the program, it is not formal permission to travel. 

* NEW* You now have two options for sending the travel validation request form to Au Pair in America. This form explains the process in detail.  It is quicker and FREE to use Option 1.  You can download a scan app to your phone to create a PDF..

      • Option 1 – Email the scanned form along with your scanned DS-2019 form to APIA as .pdf files. The email address and complete instructions are on the form.
      • Option 2 –Through the US mail or an expedited service, send the form along with your original DS-2019 to APIA. You should complete this task at least 3-4 weeks prior to international travel. The mailing address and instructions are on the form. You will receive your signed DS-2019 back from the office by email.  No payment is necessary.
      • Check out this blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to send mail in the U.S.
  • Travel Rules by Program Year
  • Year 1 Au Pairs must have a valid visa to travel internationally and plan to return to the U.S. 30 days prior to the visa expiration date. This can be different from the actual program end date.
      • Year 1 International Travel Checklist
  • Year 2 Au Pairs may visit Canada, Mexico, US Virgin Islands and the adjacent islands due to the Automatic Revalidation Policy. Complete all of the requested information on the 2 forms below. (Carry this info with you for travel to Canada, Mexico, & Caribbean travel in Year 2.) No other international travel is allowed in Year 2.
      • Year 2 International Travel Checklist 

Additional International Travel Information

Travel Inside the US

Travel/Tour Companies & Travel Websites


  • AAA Bus Safety Reports
  • DC Metro Website – helpful information maps and trip planner for Metrorail and buses
  • FlixBus– trips between Baltimore, Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and DC
  • Happy-Cars – car rental for 18+
  • MegaBus – trips between Washington, DC and many destinations up and down the East Coast.
  • Our Bus – trips to Philadelphia, New Jersey Shore, Richmond, Wilmington & more
  • Super Shuttle– transportation to and from airports in DC and all over the US
  • Vamoose Bus – trips between NYC and Bethesda, MD, Arlington, VA, or Lorton, VA

Places to Stay

Departure Home

  • You will be able to request your return flight in your au pair portal.
  • You will receive an email with your flight itinerary no later than 4-5 weeks prior to departure.

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