Health & Safety: Where are Ticks?

When the weather is nice, we spend more time outdoors with the children. Playing in the back yard, at the playground, or walking on nature trails are great ways to get fresh air and exercise. What are ticks? – Ticks are small mites that attach to the skin and suck blood. Click HERE to see examples of Read More

Important Summer Safety Tips

Remember to bring along drinks, especially water. Try to get children to drink water every 20 minutes when they are outside in hot weather. Pay attention to surfaces that can be hot against children’s skin, such as metal slides and other playground equipment in the sun. Safety around water is particularly important. A child can Read More

Handling Problems or Poor Customer Service

Places like the DMV and Social Security office can be challenging for Americans, so I can understand how difficult it could be for an au pair to run into problems there. If you encounter a problem in one of these locations or at other places like college enrollment, store, bank, etc., here are some tips: Remain Read More

Au Pair Hint For Success – Finish your Year Strong

In the final months of your au pair year, it can be tempting to become relaxed in the way you complete your duties. You may be thinking about your travel month, returning home and the next chapter of your life. That can be exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to talk with your Read More