Education Options

Education Basics

  • Au pairs should complete 6 credits, 7.2 CEUs, or 72 hours to complete their education requirement.
  • Classes must be taken through U.S.-based accredited post-secondary schools (normally colleges and universities).
  • Au pairs must provide a certificate, letter, or transcript confirming the completion of the class.
  • Education should be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the end of your visa in order to be eligible to apply for an extension.
  • If you choose a school that is not listed below, check with your counselor to be sure it is accredited and will be accepted BEFORE you register for the class.

All classes MUST be in-person or hybrid (combination or in-person and online) to count for the education requirement. The APIA Advantage UCLA Course is the ONLY State Department approved ONLINE class. The course is called “ECUC X 470 American Studies” which is specifically designed for Au Pairs. The curriculum explores U.S. history and culture and includes English-language study.

If you are looking for English classes, these are the best options:

  • LADO is a language school for adult learners.  They start new classes almost every week. Au Pairs will take a placement exam to find out which class is best for them. LADO also offers classes in other languages. Classes are held weekday mornings, nights and weekends. Currently classes can ONLY be taken at the Arlington, VA location which is near the Rosslyn Metro station. The DC and Maryland locations are closed.
  • International Language Institute offers English classes for adult learners starting almost every week.  Au Pairs take a placement exam before being assigned to a class.  Classes are held and weekday mornings, evenings and weekends.
  • Georgetown English Language Center has very challenging English classes that run on a semester-basis.  New classes start in September, January and June. Georgetown also offers Business English.
  • For Au Pairs who have finished their course requirement, DC offers several free English classes which DO NOT give credit for the Au Pair program.  Carlos Rosario, Next Step Public Charter School and Washington English Center all have free or low cost English classes which do NOT give credit.

Au Pairs who do not want English classes often take:

Other Educational Options