Education Options

Education Basics

  • Au pairs should complete 6 credits, 7.2 CEUs, or 72 hours to complete their education requirement.
  • Classes must be taken through U.S.-based accredited post-secondary schools (normally colleges and universities).
  • Au pairs must provide a certificate, letter, or transcript confirming the completion of the class.
  • Education should be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the end of your visa in order to be eligible to apply for an extension.
  • If you choose a school that is not listed below, check with your counselor to be sure it is accredited and will be accepted BEFORE you register for the class.

COVID-19 Update

Online classes are not normally accepted for the au pair education requirement, but during the pandemic, we have been given limited authorization for online/virtual classes. Our goal is to get back to in-person classes as quickly and safely as schools allow. At this time the exception will continue to allow for online/virtual classes that you register for by August 31, 2022, at an accredited U.S.-based college or university. If you choose online/virtual/hybrid classes, local education options (see below) should be the first choice.

Local Education Options

Important Note – The following schools are NOT Accredited and will not count towards your education requirement: Carlos Rosario PCS (popular free ESL classes for extra practice, but do not count), ISL (International School of Languages) & Washington English Center.

Online Class Websites – These platforms should only be used as the last option if suitable in-person, online, or hybrid classes are not available at local schools. These websites list online courses all over the country. The courses come from a variety of sources and some are not accredited. You must be sure you are selecting a U.S.-based course that is from an accredited university or college.

  • Coursera
    • For example, The Science of Well-Being (one of Yale’s most popular classes) is available through Coursera and has been very popular with au pairs. The class is worth 19 hours and costs $49 to receive a certificate.
  • EdX
  • Ed2go